The long-awaited Streets of Tarkov were showcased at the world premiere of the 0.13 patch video, which was hosted by Battlestate Games on YouTube and attended by more than 100,000 Escape from Tarkov enthusiasts.

As a result of the Streets of Tarkov being placed front and center within the video, as well as the implications of new game mechanics and features that will be included with the upcoming wipe, which is expected to take place on December 28, fans have gathered around to see what new threats will be introduced in the next patch. Much to our regret, the new trailer raised more questions than it did to provide answers.

The film prominently presented new scenes from the following map, Streets of Tarkov. The majority of the video focused on building interiors and the streets themselves. However, the promise that Streets of Tarkov would be released with the future patch was never explicitly expressed at any point; instead, it was only an insinuation.

Additionally, when the next wipe is still up in the air, fans need to do some homework to establish when they should clear their calendars in preparation for the event.

On December 29, a drop event for the game Escape from Tarkov will be shown live on Twitch. According to these estimations, patch 0.13 and the accompanying wipe will release on December 28. Because wipes can take several hours to stop Escape from Tarkov, holding a Twitch drop event during a maintenance window would be an exciting alternative.

If you extrapolate from the naming practices of Battlestate Games and the debut of its teaser on YouTube, you may deduce that Streets of Tarkov will be playable before the end of the year on December 29. However, it is essential to remember that the BSG organization has not announced any dates or promises for forthcoming activities.

The pre-wipe event for Escape from Tarkov is currently taking place, and the upcoming Twitch event would ostensibly struggle with views if it occurred during the pre-wipe. Historically, the only place where upcoming wipes are announced is on the official Twitter account for Battlestate Games. All we can do is sit tight and watch for an official announcement from BSG.

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