Splatoon 3 will feature the return of one of the fan-favorite stages from the original Splatoon game. Flounder Heights is a map that takes place on an apartment complex and features multiple vantage points, both low and high. Additionally, the map has a large number of inkable walls, which makes it easy to navigate. However, in its iteration in Splatoon 3, Flounder Heights has been scaled down, and Splatoon fans are not happy about the change. The map’s size and scale made it a fan favorite; however, fans are unhappy about the change.

According to the video that was published by the official Splatoon Twitter account, the tall structures that made Flounder Heights unique have been removed and replaced with more compact vantage points that are accessible via multiple ramps. As a result of the absence of tall buildings, there are also noticeably fewer inkable walls. This is due to the fact that there are no longer any tall buildings to climb.

Fans have made their disappointment known on social media platforms such as Twitter and the Splatoon subreddit, where one thread discussing the updated Flounder Heights is titled “Look how they massacred my boy,” and it shows an image of the stage from the first iteration of Splatoon compared to the iteration in Splatoon 3.

Everyone is in agreement that it is not Flounder Heights, despite the fact that some people have seen some of the positives of the new update, such as one community member mentioning that it now features more routes.

On December 1, Flounder Heights, along with other new content such as weapons and a brand new map with the name Brinewater Springs, will be made available to players. In addition, players can anticipate the introduction of a new catalog into the game, which will feature new outfits and accessories for their lockers. If you haven’t finished the current catalog as of yet, you should try to get it done before December 1st at the latest.

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