It’s that time of year again when Halloween events will begin to appear in your favorite games, and Dead By Daylight will be bringing lots of eerie stuff to the table for you to enjoy.

Even while there is a new Halloween-themed addition to the Dead By Daylight basic game, many gamers are more excited about the Halloween-themed cosmetics that are coming only to Dead By Daylight. Let’s take a look at the Dead By Daylight event “Haunted By Daylight” and see which survivors and killers are getting new cosmetics.

All of the Costumes That Can Be Worn for Halloween in Dead By Daylight

Because at its heart Dead By Daylight is a horror game, this spooky holiday is the perfect occasion for it to truly flourish. This year, the Halloween event will provide us with a total of six skins, three of them will be survivor skins and the remaining three will be killer skins. First, let’s talk about the different survivor skins:

1. Dwight Fairfield

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament

2. Jane Romero

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament 2

3. Kate Denson

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament 3

This Halloween, these three survivors will be getting new costumes and cosmetics. The skins for Dwight and Jane may be purchased, however, the skin for Kate can be obtained for free by participating in the in-game Halloween event. You will be required to pay for the skins for Dwight and Jane.

It is not known how much each costume will cost at this time, nor is it known how much you will need to labor in order to obtain Kate’s outfit. However, at least some of the most important survivors are getting some attention and care. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the new terrifying skins that are arriving with the Halloween event.

4. The Oni

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament 4

5. The Mastermind

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament 5

6. The Hag

Event Skins for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Tournament 6

It’s great to see an event costume for one of the newest murderers, particularly considering that the outfit is a part of the Blighted skin brand, which is the most popular skin line out of all of the skin lines. You will, however, be required to pay for the skin of Wesker in addition to the skin of The Oni. Similar to how Kate’s new skin was obtained through event advancement, The Hag’s new skin will also be unlocked in the same way. It is currently unknown how much these skins will cost or how much involvement in the event will be required in order to earn the skins.

In addition to the new skins, we will also be bringing back some of the most popular skins from the previous year’s Halloween event for The Doctor and Mikaela Reid. These skins were in high demand. These will also be accessible exclusively through the shop; but, if you were unable to purchase them previously, now is your best opportunity to do so before they are no longer available.

In addition to this, we will be receiving a brand new Tome that is jam-packed with backstory as well as cosmetics. This time around, the plot will center on Mikaela Reid and Ghostface, which may seem like an unusual match at first, but it will be interesting to learn more about both of these characters’ histories.

Additionally, the free edition of the Tome will have two skins that were created by the community. One is reserved for Yui Kimura, while the other is for The Artist. You can be certain that we will devote a significant amount of coverage to the Halloween event for Dead By Daylight as soon as it becomes available to players.

Dead by Daylight is currently available for purchase and may be played on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, personal computers, mobile platforms (iOS and Android), and more.

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