The first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, along with its free-to-play siblings Warzone 2.0 and DMZ, provides players with virtually unmatched levels of personalization across a wide range of aspects, including characters, weapon platforms, and almost everything in between.

When confronted with such a broad range of customization options, it is sometimes helpful to have a head start on optimal builds, particularly with regard to the equipment that is available. One example of such a weapon is the Kastov 545, which, when equipped with the appropriate accessories, has the potential to perform admirably in almost any circumstance.

The Kastov 545 ii is the initial weapon that can be obtained in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 after purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass. The Kastov 545 has a smaller caliber than its sister platform, the Kastov 762, but it offers increased range and accuracy with its variant build, The Orbiter, and more recoil control on a naked platform of the Kastov 545. Both of these improvements are possible with the naked platform of the Kastov 545. However, players may take this variety and personalize it to their own, allowing even more options for versatility within the extensive arsenal of weapons.

The Orbiter — Default Variant

The standard Kastov 545 model comes with a few specialized elements that elevate the overall quality of the weapon platform beyond the simple addition of its individual components.

Attachments such as the Schlager Night View sight, which has a 6x magnification and functions effectively even at close range, and the Ivanov ST-70 Rear Grip, in particular, are two examples of accessories that assist the armament performing at a better level.

The version only has four of five attachments, which means there is room for a silencer or a bigger mag due to the fact that you are ultimately not dealing a significant amount of damage.

Kastov 545 — SMG Variant

We can make the most of the 545’s lesser damage output by improving its handling and mobility at the expense of its range, finally transforming it into a sort of SMG that fires more quickly and deals more damage each shot.

We want to try to ensure that this is as lean as possible while still being able to control recoil. Since it doesn’t make much sense to attempt to build a hard-hitting, slower variant given that the Kastov 762 already comfortably handles that, we want to try to ensure that this is as lean as possible. You will need to put in some time in the grind in order to acquire the True-Tac Grip, which can be done by bringing the Vaznev-9K SMG up to level 10.

The final result of our customisation was as follows:

  • Optic — SZ Mini
  • True-Tac Grip, often known as the Rear Grip
  • Magazine – 60 Round Mag
  • Barrel — 342MM Sakin Kl
  • Stock — Markeev R7 Stock

If you want a bit more of a mobility boost, you have the option of using the ProLite TL3 Stock, which you can get once you level the RPK up to level 17. During our testing, we discovered that this makes the recoil on longer sprays a little bit too tough to manage, despite the fact that it could presumably be compensated by the enormous 60-round magazine.

The Kastov-Rama provides a more modest improvement in mobility (and hence has a less significant influence on recoil control), but we did not see a significant enough rise in mobility to deem the trade-off worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this also results in the loss of the gilded accents that were present in the original version of The Orbiter; however, this problem may be readily remedied by using one of the hundreds of skins that are now available.

It is beneficial to practice with The Orbiter and the Kastov 762 in order to have a better understanding of the variations and the advantages of using a weapon that is similar to an SMG, such as the Kastov 545, over another weapon, such as the Fennec 45.

High Alert is an excellent choice for this weapon’s Ultimate Perk since it allows the user to swiftly swing the weapon and efficiently engage foes from behind while they are spraying their full clip.

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