Eagle-eyed fans noticed surprising characters: Super Mario Bros. movie

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There are more characters from previous Mario and Donkey Kong games, some of whom haven’t been seen in a while, in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. People have noticed Pauline sitting in the background of a new poster and Funky Kong and Kiddy Kong appearing in the movie’s second trailer’s final moments.

Pauline is shown first, and since the scene is set in Brooklyn, it’s possible that they were romantically involved before Mario traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom.

They were a couple in the first Donkey Kong arcade game, but in subsequent installments of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, they appear to be referred to more as business partners, and in Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline has no recollection of Mario’s identity.

Before Mario and Luigi vanish in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, they might just be friends, but as of this writing, we don’t know for sure. She may simply hold a government position in Mario and Luigi’s original home since there is no reason to think she is in New Donk City or that the fictional city actually exists in the film.

The two Kongs show up at the end of the Rainbow Road drive, each in a different vehicle. Kiddy Kong is in a small car next to Toad’s big blue car, and Funky Kong is in the back right vehicle with what appears to be missiles shooting out of it.

While Kiddy has not been seen since Donkey Kong Land III and Donkey Kong Country 3 on the Game Boy and SNES, respectively, Funky Kong continues to make appearances in Donkey Kong games, most recently in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Given that Funky Kong is a frequent ally in the Donkey Kong games and a fan favorite, his appearance shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. If that’s Kiddy Kong, we’re sure to see his older brother Chunky and cousin Dixie among the Kongs. With so many Kongs present, Diddy Kong has to make an appearance as well since we already know Fred Armisen will be providing the voice of Cranky Kong.

With so many Kongs traveling on Rainbow Road with Mario, Peach, and Toad, it appears that Donkey Kong and Mario have teamed up in some way, perhaps to go to Bowser’s Castle and save Luigi. Getting Mario Kart content in the movie is very exciting to see what else will come in April, though this is just speculation based on the trailer.

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