Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, was recently interviewed for an article posted on The New Yorker’s website. The upcoming HBO television series that will be adapted from The Last of Us and which Druckmann has co-written, co-created, and co-executive produced with Craig Mazin was the primary topic of discussion throughout the interview.

On January 15th, the show’s first season, which consists of nine episodes, will begin broadcasting. Although some changes may be from the original game, this adaptation is similar to the first game.

The last part of the conversation contained the information that was most intriguing for gamers. It has been said that Druckmann disclosed to the interviewer that the framework of his next video game project would be remarkably more analogous to a television program than anything else that Naughty Dog has produced up to this point.

It’s an intriguing claim, considering that the Santa Monica-based development firm has been producing cinematic games since Uncharted was released for the PlayStation 3. One might make the case that the storyline of the initial The Last of Us game is already pretty similar to that of a television series, which was likely beneficial to the adaptation process.

The only other step toward television programs would be to launch this new game in real episodes, which has never been done before in such high-profile triple-A releases. However, this would be the next step toward television series.

A movie leaker, ViewerAnon, stated a few weeks ago that Druckmann’s upcoming game would be titled The Last of Us Part III. Compared to the last two parts, publishing that in an episodic format would undoubtedly represent a substantial departure from the norm.

Additionally, rumors have claimed that Naughty Dog is hard at work developing the long-awaited standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game. In June, Druckmann gave a brief interview in which he discussed it and stated that it would contain a “complete plot” conveyed in a “unique style” with a new cast of characters.

However, because it is well known that Vinit Argawal and Anthony Newman are in charge of this project, it is highly improbable that Druckmann was referring to it when discussing his upcoming game.

As a side note, the remade version of “The Last of Us Part I” will be released on personal computers on March 3, 2023.

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