Discord vs. Skype For Gaming – Which One Should You Choose

Which is better to use: Discord or Skype when you’re gaming? This is a pertinent inquiry, given the ever-increasing number of people using Discord. Therefore, the solution has been outlined in this section.

The discussion on which is better to utilize for online gaming, Discord vs. Skype, has been lengthy and challenging. Both of these platforms are accessible to players worldwide, come with many advantages and features, and do not cost anything to use.

Nevertheless, we’d want to end the discussion once and for all: is Discord or Skype superior for online gaming?

Let’s begin by contrasting the many aspects of the products.

To put it plainly and simply, Discord is superior to Skype in every conceivable respect in terms of the capabilities made available by each platform. While Skype provides direct messaging and phone call services, it does not have the “voice chatroom” capability available on Discord, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and other older gaming platforms. Skype’s direct messaging and voice calling features are available to users.

This causes it to fall significantly short in our evaluation since, in contrast to Discord, where you are free to wander into any open chatroom, Skype requires you to make a direct phone call to the person you wish to speak with to initiate communication.

Having stated that, for a considerable amount of time, the capability of video chatting offered by Skype was more significant than that provided by Discord. Because Skype was initially designed for video chatting, this functionality has always been the program’s primary strength. On the other hand, it is essential to point out that since it was first released, Discord has been working to improve the quality and dependability of the video calling capabilities that are available on its platform. Evers a result, though it occasionally experiences specific bugs, it is currently competitive with Skype.

There are advantages to using Skype for voice and video calls over Discord. To begin, Skype can host video conversations with as many as 25 participants. On the other hand, a video call on Discord can only have ten individuals participating at any given moment. Although this should not influence the vast majority of gamers, it might be a deal breaker for the odd user with a large number of companions. In addition, Skype can make calls to other phone numbers, including landlines, but Discord users can only make calls to one another.

In addition, unlike Skype, Discord is equipped with a screen-sharing function that has been improved in some way. Although both programs have the potential of sharing displays, Discord gives you the option to share only a portion of the screen rather than the entire thing if that’s what you want. This implies that you can filter off other people’s chat messages when sharing a screen with them, for example, while gaming. It is a feature that is quite popular among gamers. Although neither platform enables native screen recording, there are third-party applications available for both platforms that may fulfill this function.


In the beginning, the purpose of Skype was not to serve as a game platform but as a calling platform. Although it was utilized in this capacity for a considerable amount of time due to the apparent absence of any other free alternatives, it was never designed with gamers in mind the way that Discord is.

On the other hand, Discord was developed with the player in mind from the beginning. If you compare Skype and Discord side by side, you’ll see that this mindset is represented in both systems’ aesthetic choices, layout, settings, features, and even marketing strategies.

It is essential to point out that one of the primary practical differences between Discord and Skype is the maximum file size that can be sent using each service. The free version of Discord has a file size restriction of 8 MB, whereas the paid edition of Discord increases that limit to 50 MB. Skype’s native file transfer capability is capped at 300 MB. When we utilize Discord, this might be a minor annoyance, particularly when we wish to submit an image or video.

The fact that Discord is server-based is undoubtedly one of its significant benefits in comparison to Skype. In addition, discord is more secure than Skype in terms of keeping your chat and call data private since that data is always confined to the server you are using.

On the other hand, Discord has privacy regulations that aren’t quite as user-friendly as Skype’s, which we should point out while discussing security in general. So if you are concerned about maintaining your privacy, the latter platform is probably the best choice for you to continue with.

As a result of its architecture centered on client computers rather than servers, Skype lacks the sense of community that characterizes Discord. Inviting friends to join servers is simple; once they do so, you can host several chatrooms and conversations by creating sub-channels and text channels inside that server. Comparatively, using Discord is more like strolling into a room full of your friends and sitting down to speak with them, whereas using Skype is more akin to picking up the phone and calling someone.

Compared to Discord, the absence of servers that Skype offers is, in our opinion, the latter’s greatest weakness. However, because it was developed specifically for gamers, Discord has numerous improvements like this one. Unfortunately, this is only one of them.


Discord is the winner when it comes to the many technical specifications. However, the amount of bandwidth and storage space that Discord and Skype consume will likely be the most contentious issue for gamers. The clear winner in this category is Discord, which was developed to free up additional resources for your computer to utilize while you game.

It’s also important to point out that Discord makes far less use of bandwidth than Skype does. Unlike Skype, which sends out an ongoing audio stream, Discord only broadcasts voices when other users are speaking.

Premium capabilities are available on both platforms as well; however, most users won’t find the paid features of Skype beneficial because those functions are primarily concerned with placing calls to real phone numbers. On the other hand, Discord’s subscription plan grants users access to a greater variety of emotes and animated avatars, in addition to a higher level of realism when screen sharing. Unfortunately, discord Nitro did not provide free Nitro games with their membership for quite some time; however, this has been no longer the case recently.

A more detailed comparison of the features offered by Discord vs. Skype can be found below.

Discord vs. Skype For Gaming – Which One Should You Choose


It appears that the more established video-chatting network, Skype, is going the way of the dinosaur in favor of Discord. This is unfortunate for Skype. Skype offers no advantages over Discord except for a more extensive file size restriction and more significant group call limits. The whole appearance of Skype is a little bit old as well. The guiding principle of Discord’s design is reflected in its slogan, which reads, “by gamers, for gamers.”

In terms of performance, Skype was superior to Discord for a considerable time; however, as Discord has risen in popularity, the latter has become significantly more dependable. In addition, the quality of the calls has improved dramatically, and the video quality has made tremendous strides since it was initially introduced.

Discord will be your go-to option for almost every scenario, regardless of whether you are a casual player or a professional gamer. However, given that both apps are available for no cost, there is no valid reason not to retain Skype installed for the unlikely event that you would need to conduct a video conversation with more than ten individuals.

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