There is a strong possibility that the release date for Diablo IV has been revealed prematurely via the official Microsoft Xbox Store.

A few days ago, we revealed that the next installment in the Diablo series may come in April 2023. However, as seen by a Microsoft observer known as Aggiornamenti Lumia, Diablo IV is reportedly launching two months later than that estimate.

According to a noted Microsoft watcher and leaker, the forthcoming title from Blizzard will be available for download on June 5, 2023, and it will be 80 gigabytes in size (although in some other regions, it could be June 6th).

Even though this is not an official confirmation that Diablo IV will be released on June 5th, it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft’s official shop leaked a release date before it was supposed to be publicized. The retailer was responsible for informing the release date of Darksiders III in 2018, and it was also responsible for leaking the release date of Remedy’s control in 2019.

Diablo IV is presently being developed on the personal computer (PC), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

“We can’t wait to open the gates of Hell next year—the talented team behind Diablo IV puts gameplay first in everything they do, and they have built the biggest and most ambitious vision of Sanctuary yet,” 

In June of this year, Mike Ybarra, the president of Blizzard Entertainment, stated.

“This sprawling world draws deeply from the dark well of the franchise’s 25-year history and is designed around the philosophy of player choice, offering an adventure, unlike anything Diablo players have experienced before.”

The renowned Necromancer, the fifth playable character class, will be joining the fight with the classic courses Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, and Druid. The Necromancer will also be returning with freshly created undead gameplay features.

The Necromancer’s Book of the Dead will be available to players as a brand-new ability for the class. This ability will enable players to dominate the battlefield by providing them with more levels of control over the appearance of their undead army than ever before. Fight against aggressive skeleton Warriors, Skirmishers that attack quickly, Defenders that use swords and boards, or Reapers that wield scythes.

Use Skeleton Mages to cast various spells, imbuing them with shadow, cold, and sacrifice magics as appropriate. Bone Golems should be used as a tank, Blood Golems should be used to drain health, and Iron Golems should be used to charge. Or you can sacrifice them all so that you can absorb their power.

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