The most recent Destiny 2 patch from Bungie makes it somewhat less difficult to acquire certain rare seasonal weapons

Since the primary focus of the gameplay cycle in Destiny 2 is on acquiring new firearms and armor, anything that disrupts that rhythm may be a major source of frustration for players. There has been a problem with gaining specific seasonal weapons ever since the release of the Season of Plunder content for Destiny 2. That, thankfully, has been taken care of at this point.

The Season of Plunder content update includes a number of Shipstealer missions and seasonal challenges for players to take on, but the Ketchcrash activity was the one that was causing the most issues. Players were supposed to receive a weapon with the Deepsight mod after completing Ketchcrash for the first time each week, but this wasn’t always the case. 

The goal was there, but it wasn’t always being carried out. Bungie has said that the issue has been resolved, and the hotfix version is now available.

In a similar vein, Bungie altered the functionality of the Double Perk Weapon Spoils Crew Upgrade. When you concentrate on a weapon for the first time every week, you will receive an additional weapon with the Deepsight mod.

This will make it much simpler for you to get the crafting patterns that are most important to you; nevertheless, you will still need to do five Deepsights before you can unlock one. The other significant seasonal patch concerns the introductory task, which prevented players from completing it if their connection was lost. This issue has been resolved. This concern has also been addressed and resolved.

In addition to addressing issues with crafting and rewards, patch also fixes other flaws that affect armor and weapons. These and other issues have been fixed, including one where Reactive Pulse was mistakenly offering a permanent over shield, another where Eager Edge could be used several times each activation, and still another when Cry Mutiny ornaments had the wrong names. The complete patch notes may be found on Bungie’s official blog.

The company is pretty busy maintaining the operation of Destiny 2 (Season of Plunder was released almost a month and a half ago), but it has more on its mind than just this looter shooter.

After the discovery of a patent, it seems even more probable that Destiny will be ported to mobile devices. The patent in question included mobile and second-screen controls that were designed to operate with a first-person shooter. In addition, Destiny 2 skins may now be purchased in Fall Guys. You may purchase them using in-game currency called Show Bucks.

PUBG will commemorate the Halloween season with skins and a mode modeled after the game Dead by Daylight.

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