The meaning of the title is self-evident from it. This leak provides information on the forthcoming release dates of several PlayStation games. PCGameAbout discovered this material, which emphasizes a PlayStation Studios Visual Arts senior artist’s release date predictions for Death Stranding 2 and a new First Person Shooter from PlayStation, in addition to Firewall Ultra.

The ArtStation profile of Frank Alberti reveals that the release date for Death Stranding 2 and the first-person shooter with no name will be sometime in the year 2024.

According to Senior Artist Profile Death Stranding 2 will be released in 2024.

PCGameAbout also speculates that the “upcoming first-person shooter” mentioned on Aliberti’s page is most likely the one in development at Firewalk Studios. Firewalk Studios signed an exclusive agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2021 to release its first AAA-class multiplayer game under Sony’s wing. PCGameAbout speculates that this game is the “upcoming first-person shooter” mentioned on Aliberti’s page. Currently, that is the sole first-person shooter project on which the PlayStation Studios team is working.

The proper focus of everyone’s attention would be the announcement of the release date for Death Stranding 2. The designer of the game, Hideo Kojima, has claimed that this game is more than just a “Regular Sequel,” hence the game’s name has been changed to reflect this. In addition, he hinted that future technical improvements would make it possible to incorporate other capabilities. Although no release date has been specified for this project, a window of release in 2024 would be five years after the initial game was released on PlayStation 4.

Sony is working on the second installment of Death Stranding for the PlayStation 5 gaming platform. The game will utilize the Decima Engine once more and will only be accessible on the PlayStation 5 platform. Despite this, considering that the first game in the series can be played on personal computers (published by 505 Games), the arrival of the sequel on this platform wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to us.

A movie version of the game is now being adapted for the big screen. Hideo Kojima and Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Productions (Barbarian), which also provides financial backing for the project, will be producing it. Despite this, according to Kojima-san, the film will not be approached in the same manner as a typical film project.

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