Players interested in the Dead Space remake will have an additional reason to acquire the game on PC because there will be an exclusive pre-order bonus. This bonus comes in the form of the second game in the franchise, which enables players to instantly begin participating in Isaac Clarke’s subsequent misadventures. Unfortunately, it would appear that only Steam users may take advantage of this promotion.

The process for taking advantage of this offer is straightforward; all you require is to place a pre-order for the Dead Space remake on Steam. If you pre-ordered Dead Space 2 before this offer went live, do not worry; you will also be entitled to get Dead Space 2. Once you have done that, you will be eligible to obtain a free copy of Dead Space 2 when the game is finally made available to the public.

As was indicated earlier, it appears that this promotion is only valid for pre-orders made through Steam. Therefore, it would appear that the version of the game sold at the Epic Games Store does not include this offer. On the other hand, it may be included in the following days. Who could say? In your best interest, keep an eye out for the possibility that the offer may be revealed.

The original Dead Space did not include many of the features that will be included in the remade version of the game, such as the complete elimination of loading sequences, the Ishimura is a single, interconnected location, the ability to play in zero gravity, and an Intensity Director that can serve up over 1200 different dynamic events, ranging from simple lighting changes to unexpected necromorph attacks.

As articulated by Dan Kim, the following is a condensed explanation of the Intensity Director system:

[The Intensity Director] is a control system that manages the structuring of material, the spawning of new content, and the pace at which new scope is introduced. Depending on how we count things, the system contains more than 1200 different events, and many conceivable combinations exist. To produce encounters that have the sense of being hand-crafted, several aspects, such as alterations to the audio or lighting, fog or Steam, and the spawning of enemies, are blended in layers.

On January 27, 2023, a remade version of Dead Space is scheduled to be made available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, and personal computers.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Founders Edition, seen here, will use AD104-250/251 GPUs with a TGP of 200W.

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