Dead Cells is getting a boss rush mode for anyone who is still looking for a more difficult challenge

The boss rush mode for Dead Cells was initially mentioned on the game’s development roadmap in July, and the feature is now available to players. The new mode is now only playable on the personal computer (PC), but it will be released to the game on all other platforms in “late October.” Players who use consoles now have the opportunity to get themselves ready for what the new challenge will entail.

The developer, Motion Twin, just posted a new vlog in which they revealed that the boss rush is a different mode from the standard gameplay of Dead Cells. There is no cause for concern on your part with running Boss Cells here. In its place, you’ll discover a new door in the prisoner’s quarters, close to where the tailor and the training room are located. If you get in there, you’ll find that one of your options is to run a boss encounter.

These runs may be completed in one of four different ways: with three bosses, with three bosses and modifiers, with five bosses, or with five bosses and modifiers. You will face the specified number of bosses in sequence during a three- or five-boss run. The difficulty of each battle will increase as the game progresses.

You can find a list of boss levels on the page that details the Dead Cells patch notes; in the meanwhile, prepare to confront the Queen and other powerful foes once more. Because the battles aren’t challenging enough on their own, if you choose to undertake a run with modifiers, you will be subjected to rebalanced encounters that feature additional enemies, additional attacks, and even monsters that can heal themselves.

The update also includes the addition of a monument to the area known as the Prisoner’s Quarters. You’ll win more parts to personalize it as you do boss rush runs, so keep at it! This update also includes an additional weapon, skill, mutation, and a set of eight new clothes to choose from. This is in addition to the routine tweaks to the overall balance and bug repairs.

Not only does boss rush appear to be a new and enjoyable challenge for veterans of Dead Cells, but it also serves as another chapter in Motion Twin’s ongoing saga of support. The Breaking Barriers upgrade was implemented in June, and along with it came a plethora of new accessibility choices. The Bank, a whole new biome, was introduced in the last update, version 28.0.

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