A copy of Need for Speed Unbound was discovered on EA’s website.

Since quite some time ago, rumors concerning the new Need for Speed game have been making the rounds. Even though nothing official has been announced by EA, there have been a significant number of rumors circulating regarding the upcoming game and its features. At the very least, we are aware of its name at this point.

The name “Need for Speed: Unbound” was discovered on EA’s official website, and it was later revealed on Twitter by the well-known user Wario64. The accompanying picture has a strong graffiti aesthetic, with the name of the game printed in a typeface that looks like spray paint, and airbrushed clouds and symbols that are positioned on either side of a racing vehicle.

In an earlier report, it was stated that the game will have “anime aspects,” and this information mostly confirms that statement. It’s not hard to picture how these stylized animations can pop up here and there when you’re playing the game.

The official presentation of Need for Speed: Unbound is going to take place fairly soon. On Thursday, October 6 at 11 AM Eastern Time and 8 AM Pacific Time, the reveal trailer will be available to see on YouTube. Due to the fact that we still have a lot of questions, it will be helpful to see the game being played.

To begin, it has been said that the game would only be playable on consoles of the current generation when it is finally released around the Christmas season. Platforms and release dates are quite fundamental wants; nonetheless, the gameplay is the aspect of the game that we are most interested in seeing. The idea of a free-roaming, explorable environment is conjured up by the title Unbound, as numerous people have mentioned in response to Wario64’s tweet.

In any event, Criterion and Codemasters are working together to create the game, which came about as a result of Criterion’s return to the Need for Speed franchise in the year 2020. The fact that there are two different companies working on one game reveals a lot about the scale of the undertaking, and we will soon get the opportunity to judge the finished product for ourselves.

It turns out that this is not the only leak pertaining to Need for Speed to occur in 2018. Back in May, gameplay for Need for Speed Mobile was uploaded to the internet, providing us with a glimpse of the game that was produced by Tencent. Since then, it has been taken down due to copyright concerns, which is further evidence that the film is genuine.

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