The CEO of Gran Turismo has stated that he is “thinking and looking into” a PC port of the game.

The designer of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi, has stated that he is open to the idea of moving the PlayStation-only racing game to personal computers. When asked if the Gran Turismo series might be adapted for use on personal computers, Yamauchi responded, “Yes, I certainly think so.”

During an interview with GTPlanet that took place during the Gran Turismo World Finals, the remark was made.

Yamauchi went on to remark that “Gran Turismo is a very highly tuned title,” and it sounded as though he was trying to imply that the series producer Polyphony Digital would only want to do it if the version would operate stably in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. He stated, “It’s not an exceptionally simple topic, but of course, we are investigating it and taking it into consideration.”

If Gran Turismo were to be released for personal computers, it would come as a bit of a shock, but not a large one. God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, and Uncharted 4 are just a handful of the most prominent examples of famous games that were formerly exclusive to Sony’s platforms but have since been transferred to other gaming systems throughout the past several years.

Gran Turismo is still a dominant force in the industry of racing video games despite the fact that it does not have the same kind of cultural cachet as it once had more than three decades ago.

If the success of a competing game that was released the previous year, Forza Horizon 5, is any clue, there is undoubtedly a market on the personal computer for racing games.

It would make our top suggestion for the best PC racing wheel a bit less weird, which at the time of publishing is the Gran Turismo branded Fanatec GT DD Pro. Specifically, it would make it a bit more comfortable to use.

Gran Turismo 7, the most recent installment in the series, was made available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 and 5 in March of 2022. It included a lengthy single-player story in addition to the more classic arcade mode, and while you were racing, you could experience dynamic time and weather effects.

It is difficult to pinpoint precisely what it is that sets Gran Turismo unique from the other titles in the racing simulation genre, but much like other series, it undoubtedly has a dedicated fan base. For many people, it’s the enormous selection of automobiles, which includes both mass-produced models and rare short-run variants of which only a few examples remain in existence.

Gran Turismo is completely preoccupied with the mere notion of the vehicle at every moment in its history. This is how the series markets itself, and in many ways it is how the series sells itself.

In other Gran Turismo-related news, director Neil Blomkamp is reportedly working on a film adaptation of the Gran Turismo video game franchise and the events that surround it, which is scheduled to be released in the year 2023.

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