A Color-Changing Xbox Controller Known as Lunar Shift Has Been Revealed Online.

When it comes to Xbox controllers, Microsoft has provided players with a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. They have only just introduced a more affordable version of their Elite controller, which, in comparison to the Elite 2 series, has fewer elements that may be customized. However, only a few days after the launch of the more affordable Elite controller, another controller has already been revealed.

A user on Twitter recently revealed images of a yet-to-be-announced Xbox Series X|S named ‘Lunar Shift,’ which reportedly has the ability to alter its color scheme. The leaker states that they discovered it on an Amazon listing; however, the controller is not currently available for purchase on Amazon. Check out the photograph that was accidentally published below:

It looks as though the controller has been redesigned entirely, as opposed to the design of the new Elite Series controller. However, it does contain a color-changing capability that is certain to pique the interest of aficionados.

The controller appears to have a subtle gold-ish tint in the photographs that have been released, but the description indicates that the color of the controller will vary depending on the light and motion that it is exposed.

According to the description that was released, the controller would either get lighter or darker based on the amount of light and the amount of motion. The grip of the controller has a textured pattern that looks like a swirl, while the rear of the controller is black. Although the thumbsticks and buttons won’t have the color-changing capability, this design decision is nonetheless an interesting one.

At the time of this writing, Xbox has not yet made any official statements or announcements, but it is possible that they will do so in the near future. This is due to the fact that the same thing occurred with the Mineral Cameo Xbox controller, which was also reported on in the media before being officially confirmed by Xbox just one day later.

Amazon has been guilty of leaking information about Xbox controllers on many occasions in the past. The release date for the new Elite series controller was previously revealed to have been leaked by Amazon before Xbox had even announced the device. However, as of this moment, the controller has not been authoritatively established.

Regarding the Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft provides a subscription service for video games under the brand name Xbox Game Pass. It may be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, personal computers, as well as Android and iOS devices by use of xCloud.

For the cost of a single monthly payment, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass get access to a revolving catalog of games sourced from a variety of publishers as well as other premium services, such as Xbox Live Gold and EA Play.

Regarding Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that was established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It is a company that develops, licenses maintain, and sells computers, software, electronics, video games, and associated services.

Microsoft is responsible for the development and publication of a number of critically acclaimed and commercially successful video game franchises, including Age of Empires, Forza, Gears of War, Halo, Minecraft, Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the State of Decay.

In addition to this, Microsoft is well-known for creating the popular gaming console brand Xbox as well as the video game subscription service Xbox Game Pass.

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