Characters from All of Soulstone Survivors, Along with Instructions on How to Unlock Them


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If you want to test the boundaries of your talent, you’re going to have to unlock some new characters in Soulstone Survivors. Only then can you truly find out how far you can go? Considering that there are presently 6 playable characters that can be unlocked, you will need to make sure that you are playing well and learning the ropes of the game, especially if you want to unlock all of the playable characters.

But what exactly will you have to accomplish in order to obtain them, and how many foes will you have to slash and hack your way through before you can lay claim to all of them? Let’s get right in and find out which characters are playable in this brand-new game as well as the steps you need to do in order to unlock all of them, shall we?

Every Character That Is Currently Available in Soulstone Survivors

You’ll quickly realize that each of these characters has its very own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which will cause you to gravitate toward one of them as your go-to choice for gameplay. There is something here that is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy diving headfirst into the action or would rather launch attacks from a safe distance.

The savage or barbarian

Characters from All of Soulstone Survivors Along with Instructions on How to Unlock Them

This character is immediately available to use, and there is nothing else that must be done on your part to unlock him or her. However, as you begin to eliminate your enemies, you will be able to acquire more weapons and equipment for them. These will give you the opportunity to enhance his weaponry and make them into the lethal machines they were designed to be.

This is the Pyromancer.

In order to gain access to The Pyromancer, you will have to defeat a significant number of foes and collect 5,000 Minor Soulstones as rewards. You may get these gems by prevailing over the ordinary adversaries, therefore it is important to make sure that you are keeping up with the pace and eliminating as many of them as you can in order to keep yourself alive until the next wave arrives.

The Master of the Hounds

Characters from All of Soulstone Survivors Along with Instructions on How to Unlock Them 3

If you want to bring this dog-lover with a musket into your squad, you’re going to have to pay twice as much as what you’ve already gained in the previous stages of this competition. You will be able to make use of this gunslinger and his assistance dog for a whopping 10,000 Minor Soulstones, and they will assist you in easily eliminating every enemy that is now on the screen.

The One Who Can Break Spells

In order to acquire a hold of The Spellbreaker, you are going to have to eliminate a greater number of foes than you ever have before. In addition to that, you are going to have to carry out these steps a whopping six times in all. You’ll need to beat the Second Boss of a Zone in order to gather the necessary six Vile Soulstones, which are required to awaken this powerful monster that can negate the effects of magic. You’re going to want to check that you’ve got all you need to make it a reality.

The Weaver of Mysterious Arts

Characters from All of Soulstone Survivors Along with Instructions on How to Unlock Them 5

If you thought things were difficult before, just wait till you try to obtain The Arcane Weaver; they’re about to get even more challenging. In order to acquire your hands on the Wicked Soulstones that are necessary to unlock them, you are going to have to fight your way through the third boss of each zone a total of six times. Doing so will allow you to make use of the magical abilities that they possess. You had better attend to it as soon as possible.

A Sentinel Article

The Sentinel is the very last playable character in the game at the moment, and, wouldn’t you know it, unlocking them is the most challenging of all the characters. You are going to need to acquire six stones, which you may do by prevailing over the fourth boss of a zone, just like you did for the previous two entries in this series. When you have collected all six Hateful Soulstones, you will be able to use The Sentinel and give it a test drive.

Check out our Soulstone Survivors Guide Section now that you’re ready to dive into the action in the game. This section will tell you when the Early Access period for the game will begin, as well as whether or not you’ll be able to play it on your preferred home console rather than a computer.

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