CD Projekt Red has provided a look into its future and announced various projects that are currently in development.

CD Projekt Red has revealed today that many new games, including titles set in the Witcher and Cyberpunk universes, are now in the production phase and will be released in the near future. The news came via the official business Twitter, where the studio disclosed five new projects, some that are being created internally and others with cooperation from external companies.

These projects included three new Witcher titles, one new Cyberpunk game, and a fresh new intellectual property developed by the firm. The business has only disclosed the codenames and brief descriptions of each project; nonetheless, they have provided us with an idea of what each game would involve and a little taste of what we may anticipate from each.

First, there is a game called Orion, which is the next installment in the Cyberpunk world. The developers of this game believe that it will “continue exploiting the promise of this dark future environment.” Then, we have a tonne of news pertaining to The Witcher, beginning with Polaris, which is now in pre-production and will be the beginning of a new series of games. The studio has stated that it intends to release two more games following Polaris in order to form a new trilogy.

Canis Majoris will be a new Witcher game that is not a part of the new trilogy. It will be produced by an outside firm whose members have previously worked on the Witcher franchise.

The most recent new Witcher news concerns a game called The Molasses Flood, which is being created by CDPR studio with cooperation from CD Projekt Red. This project notably will have a multiplayer component, the first in the series to do so, which will come on top of the single-player experience fans anticipate from the Witcher.

Last but not least, we have Hadar, an entirely new intellectual property that is being produced from the ground up by CD Projekt Red. This project is in its preliminary phases, and there is currently no real game being developed.

Even though they may seem like insignificant particulars, the accumulation of these announcements has provided us with some insight into the long-term objectives of the organization. And it appears like it may be a lucrative one, providing CDPR learned from its earlier failures moving ahead.

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