Can You Sword Skate in Destiny 2

Players want to advance through whatever game they play as quickly as they possibly can, and Destiny 2 is no different in this regard. Sword Skating is one of the means of mobility that is considered to be among the quickest in Destiny 2.

This technique of mobility consists of rapidly switching to your sword and swinging it while mixing it with other skills at the same time. The fact that members of any class can participate in sword skating provided they have the proper weapon contributes to the activity’s widespread appeal. Let’s go over some of the basics of sword skating so you can do it for yourself in Destiny 2!

How to Perform the Sword Skate Move in Destiny 2

The fundamental aspect of sword skating is not overly complicated; all you want is a certain sword that was added in the 30th Anniversary update. The Half-Truths is one of the swords you need to find, while the Second Half is the name of the other blade you need to find. Both of these may be obtained via participating in the Dares of Eternity activity.

The Eager Edge special perk, which may be acquired by any of the two new swords that were included with that update, is the reason why you absolutely must equip one of those swords. When you equip the sword, you gain a temporary boost in the distance you can lunge for a brief period of time.

If you recall playing Worldline Skating back when Worldline Zero was the only sword that allowed you to accomplish anything comparable, you may have a head start on understanding where this is headed.

When you have the sword that has the Eager Edge ability, you can skate by just sprinting leaping, and then immediately switching to the sword and hard striking to obtain a massive burst of speed. Once you have this ability, you can skate. After that, you may continue to maintain your speed for as long as you wish by bunny hopping and swinging the sword while you are in the air.

This may also be used with Icarus Dash for Warlocks to gain a little bit of additional speed. Each class has a more difficult form of skating, with Warlocks having access to Well Skating, Hunters having Shatter Skating, and Titans having Bubble Skating.

Each of the more complex approaches accomplishes the same goal and need for the utilization of a ledge. In each approach, you need to switch to the sword and give yourself a powerful attack in order to pull yourself off the brink.

The next step is to pull off a frame-perfect trick that allows you to jump while simultaneously using a superpower or ability linked with your class. This will send you flying much further than conventional sword skating, but it comes with the penalty of squandering a super or ability if you botch it up. If you do it correctly, it will send you flying much further than regular sword skating.

Since Bungie appears to have corrected Sword Skating with a recent update, it is possible that it is now much more difficult to accomplish. That was the line that they used.

“Fixed an issue where Eager Edge could be used multiple times in a single activation.” 

However, it seems that they were referring to sword skating when they said this. Sword skating won’t be nearly as effective a tactic going forward as it was in the past, but it should still be at least partly doable.

It is currently uncertain whether the more advanced techniques of skating will still operate in the future given that those methods did not require several swings of Eager Edge to be effective. Should you require any further assistance with Destiny 2, the additional guides that we have compiled for the game should be able to address any queries that you might have.

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