The goal of Overwatch 2’s “First Time User Experience” is to provide new players with a means by which they may avoid feeling overwhelmed by the extensive cast of characters accessible in the game.

It prevents people from accessing specific characters so that they may concentrate on a more manageable group of heroes, then gradually get access to the remaining heroes over time and study them at a more expedient rate. However, as a result of this shift in mentality, a frustrating situation has arisen in which returning players who are not participating in the FTUE are unable to access their usual heroes. This article will walk you through what to do if any of your Overwatch 2 characters become trapped.

In Overwatch 2, why are heroes inaccessible to those who have already played the game?

Unfortuitously, a significant number of returning players who ought to have already had access to the whole cast of Overwatch 2 have claimed that their preferred characters have been hidden from them.

Since it was first made available to the general public on October 4, the game has been plagued with a large number of errors, of which this is just one more example.

Based on what we have observed, this issue does not appear to have a definitive solution, and Blizzard will need to solve it. They have said that some server-side problems, such as this one, maybe solved by logging out of the game and then back into it, however, we have observed that this solution does not work.

If you want to give it a few tries, you may, but you can also simply completely restart both your machine and your internet connection to see if that gets everything operating correctly. In that case, you may unlock heroes by simply playing matches and completing Hero Challenges to get the necessary experience points.

As was mentioned before, the first few days of Overwatch 2 have been nothing short of a disaster for the game that has been eagerly anticipated for a very long time. It seems like pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong for it has done so in stunningly quick succession after each other. It is my hope that Blizzard will be able to get everything back under control as quickly as possible.

Another strange glitch in Overwatch 2 prevents players from accessing their characters.

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