Even on the first day of its release, The Callisto Protocol proved to be a terrifying ordeal for PC players, and this was not due to any horror elements inside the game itself.

This version of the game, as we and several other publications have reported, was plagued by the well-known Unreal Engine shader compilation issue, which made the first run through any level a literal nightmare regardless of the PC configuration. This issue affected all players, regardless of how their computers were configured.

As soon as the unfavorable complaints started coming in, the developer, Striking Distance Studios, promptly replied on Twitter, promising a patch to address the problem.

We know that certain customers are having problems with stuttering when using the PC. A performance-enhancing patch will become available within the next few hours, and we have several other upgrades planned for release shortly.

A few hours ago, that patch was applied, and we can now confirm that the shader compilation issue has been resolved. However, other types of stuttering and slowdowns are still present in The Callisto Protocol when played on a personal computer.

The development studio has said that further optimization work would come from future updates.

I appreciate your ability to wait. The difficulties with stuttering during gameplay caused by shader compilation have been addressed in a patch now available for download on PC.

When you initially run the app after installing the update, you may notice that the gaming menu experiences some momentary stuttering. In the following few days, we will be working on more improvements to the system.

The optimization of the CPU is one area that could most certainly benefit from some more work. According to Digital Foundry, the game may have poor optimization for multi-threading, and as a result, even the most powerful CPUs will experience performance issues.

Other issues plague the PC version of The Callisto Protocol, including poor HDR display support (which is also only available in DX12 mode), the inability to change graphics settings after loading into the actual game, and unoptimized ray tracing effects that are, to put it mildly, not very impressive.

Check read Kai’s review (7.2/10) to learn more about our opinions regarding the game. The stock of publisher KRAFTON experienced a significant drop on Friday as a direct result of average review scores that were lower than anticipated.

However, Striking Distance Studios does intend to continue providing support for The Callisto Protocol after the game’s initial release. A new Game Plus mode will be released in February, and new story content will be made available as downloadable content in the summer.

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