Even while many players instantly disable proximity chat in a Call of Duty game so that they don’t give away their location or so that they can avoid hearing everyone in a lobby, choosing not to mute it can lead to more enjoyable times for those who are playing the game.

In a recent game of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, three players were engaged in a hunt, with one player getting the drop on the other two. However, when the three players discovered that they had proximity chat, the outcome of the match was not what the fallen players had anticipated it would be.

During a Warzone 2.0 battle, the user u/AntiPeity uploaded a short video showing them going after two other players and sharing it on Reddit. AntiPeity storms up the stairs take them both out, and then declares triumphantly that they have finally located these two players after a long search with a hasty “Surprise! ”

Two of the players answer, and before AntiPeity finishes them off, the three of them quickly exchange greetings. AntiPeity then inquires as to whether or not any of the players have access to a self-revive, but only one of them does.

They try to make a deal with AntiPiety, telling them that they have a chance to take out one of them in order to guess which one of them has it and that if AntiPiety guesses incorrectly, the other player gets to resurrect and get back into the game. However, AntiPiety refuses to accept their offer.

Nevertheless, AntiPeity has a better plan and decides to merely let them both regenerate before leaping away to resume the rest of the battle with both sides exchanging brief expressions of gratitude and best wishes.

Especially in highly competitive game types like Warzone, the exchange is a very unusual occurrence to see. It’s not common for games to let random players connect in this fashion, so seeing it on the first day that Warzone 2.0 is available to the public is a pleasant surprise.

AntiPiety’s act of kindness has already elicited responses from a number of other users in the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit and some of those users have even suggested that the act of mercy may be included as a feature.

However, if these players were competing in a wider game style than duos, they could have been able to ask AntiPeity to join their team by adding an adversary to their team using the emote wheel. This would have allowed them to compete against AntiPeity alongside their allies. For those of you who are wanting to recruit members of the other squad into your own, this is the method you should use, which involves engaging in friendly proximity conversation.

At the time of its introduction on Steam, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 already had the third-highest number of concurrent players.

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