Since players of Call of Duty have always required an advantage in battle, Bunny Hopping and G-Walking have been available as weapons in the game.

Both of these maneuvers will need you to make full use of the variety of mobility choices already available to you in order to advance your position or escape from hostile forces. The recently uncovered mobility option known as C-Hopping will be added to a player’s moveset, offering them additional benefits if they are able to successfully execute it.

To increase one’s speed when C-Hopping, one must first enter a car and then drive about in the area. As soon as you feel like you have sufficient velocity, roll down the window of the car, then quickly jump out of the vehicle while preparing your weapon.

You will be propelled a large distance as soon as you exit the car due to the force that is created when you exit the vehicle, and you will be able to crouch or walk quickly after exiting the vehicle. This video provides a demonstration of how to do the motion.

C-Hopping requires a vehicle, in contrast to Bunny Hopping and G-Walking, both of which may be performed without one. C-Hopping is a maneuver that is meant to make you ready for battle after exiting the vehicle, therefore in order for it to have any use, you will first need to drive to any conflicts in which you intend to participate.

Because the force may cause you to land in a location that you did not anticipate, you should also give some consideration to this possibility. If you are not in close proximity to a moving vehicle, you won’t be able to utilize this maneuver more than once. Even under those circumstances, you must increase your pace in order to produce momentum for the maneuver.

To your good fortune, one of the advantages of C-Hopping is that it has the potential to send you behind cover, so preventing other players from obtaining a decent shot at you. Due to the fact that you came in a vehicle and have a general concept of where the adversaries are positioned, you are able to swiftly place yourself undercover and immediately begin striking.

It also does not require as much practice to master as the other movement choices, which means that you will be able to perform this move as soon as you have learned how to escape a vehicle.

Practice is very necessary if you want to master the fundamentals of Call of Duty, just like it is for everything else in the game. Either you are going to throw yourself into a dangerous position, or you are going to exit the car normally, at which point you will be fired.

On the other hand, if you are successful in perfecting the motion, you will be able to engage in firefights and position yourself in a way that is advantageous. You will have enough benefits to keep yourself alive even in the thick of a shootout if you combine G-Walking with Bunny Hopping and/or one of the other two.

You don’t have to pay any attention to this at all if you have no interest in C-Hopping or if cars aren’t your thing in general. However, it is never a bad idea to add a new technique to your armory. When you arrive at a battle, you never know when you’ll need to get out of a car swiftly or how you’ll need to get behind cover as quickly as possible.

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