Blood points are the lifeblood of improving both your killers and your survivors in the game Dead by Daylight. Blood points may be earned in a number of different ways. You may use them to level up the Bloodweb, which will give you access to additional perks, goods, and add-ons for the next round you play. Even when you finish a battle and receive a significant number of Bloodpoints as a reward, you could always need more of them in order to advance only one more level on the Bloodweb. Because of this, we have compiled a list of Bloodpoint codes, which may be found below.

Instructions for reclaiming unused codes in Dead by Daylight
The process of redeeming codes in Dead by Daylight is rather basic. Once you have logged in and are playing the game, go to the Store. This is the item on the menu that can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen at the bottom corner.

On the page that really represents the Store, there should be a section labeled “Redeem Code” located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After you have done so, you may now input any of the valid codes that are listed above in order to redeem those Blood points.

Active Bloodpoint codes

As of the most recent check, on November 17, 2022

  • You may exchange CELEBRANDO for 50,000 Bloodpoints (New)
  • NOVAS: You may trade them in for 100,000 Bloodpoints (New)
  • Redeem this voucher to receive the PUBG Frying Pan Charm. WINNERWINNER
  • You can trade in your WARRIORPUPPERS for a PUPPETS CHARM.
  • PRIDE2022 – Redeem for a Pride Charm
  • NICE: Use this code to get 69 Bloodpoints when you redeem it.
  • Bloodpoint codes that have since expired

The following is a list of Blood point codes that have already run their course and been rendered useless. As we discover

If there are any codes that are now obsolete, we will add them to this list.

  • VOID—You can exchange this for 25,000 Blood points.
  • RIFT: Exchange this item for 25,000 Blood points.
  • UNSTABLE—You may trade this item in for 25,000 Blood points.
  • You may exchange ENERGY for 25,000 Blood points.
  • DedobaJP2022 – 300k Bloodpoints, 1k Iridescent Shards, 20 Rift Fragments
  • THREEWITCHES can be redeemed for 100,000 Bloodpoints if you have them.
  • Obtain the Silk Omamori Charm by utilizing the DedobaNoHi system.
  • Feathers of Pride Charm is an acronym for CAWCAW.
  • SHADY is equivalent to 10,000 Bloodpoints.
  • BUBBLES Is a Charm for Sharks
  • A Pride Charm in the Form of a Rainbow Flag
  • CAKEWALKE – 100k Bloodpoints

Upon successful completion of the Dead by Daylight Exam, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win 1 million Bloodpoints.

  • OCANADA: Frees the Maple Leaf Charm Just in Time for Canada Day
  • DBDTHEBOARDGAME – 200k Bloodpoints
  • HELLOTHERE – 25k Bloodpoints
  • YOUFOUNDME – 25k Bloodpoints
  • DBDWEBSITE – 25k Bloodpoints
  • OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE – 200k bloodpoints
  • LANTERNFESTIVAL – 15 rift pieces
  • LUCKYMONEY – 16888 bloodpoints
  • CAISHEN is represented by 88888 bloodpoints.
  • DIEHARDDIVA2022 – 50k bloodpoints
  • MILADYISSEVENFOOTTWO – 50k bloodpoints
  • INTHISECONOMY – 50k bloodpoints
  • FRISKKUWARAWRXD2022 – 50k bloodpoints
  • VK130UP – 130k Bloodpoints
  • LIVEORDIE: Exchange for a lucky charm
  • Redeem FORHONOR to receive the Charm of For Honor.
  • DWIGHTCROW is a code that may be redeemed for the Dwight Crow Charm.
  • EntitysLittleHelper is a free charm that can be used.
  • byebye2020 – Fruitcake Charm for Killer
  • Charm of the New Year’s New Entity, NewYearNewEntity (expires January 3rd)
  • MNOGO is an acronym for “Sweater for Legion.”
  • This code will award you with 202,000 Bloodpoints if you enter it. DbDDayJP2020.
  • You used to be able to receive 100,100 Bloodpoints by entering this code, which is now deactivated. Happy1001
  • This code offered a bonus of 100,000 Bloodpoints and was denoted by the value VK100K.
  • DISCORD150K – Previously, a reward of 150,000 was given for entering this code.
  • ENTITYPLEASED was a code that, if entered in time, would award one hundred fifty thousand Bloodpoints.
  • ENTITYDISAPPOINTED – A meager one Bloodpoint was once available in exchange for entering this code.
  • GIFTTHERIFT – Twenty Rift Shards and an additional week added on to the current archive.
  • WARM-UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS – The Felix Sweater
  • TWITTERSMOL is equivalent to 1 Bloodpoint.
  • TWITTERLORGE — One Hundred Thousand Bloodpoints
  • 200,000 Bloodpoints is what BILIBILI200K stands for.

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