Oh, Blizzard, you are so pure, lovely, and innocent. It is very kind of you to bestow upon us this wonderfully exquisite and gorgeous 20-inch statue of Alexstrasza, the dragon queen from World of Warcraft, so soon to the release of World of Warcraft:

Dragonflight. Dedicated collectors will undoubtedly swarm to the website in order to pre-purchase the item and add something of such elegance and beauty to their collection. Wait, does that actually indicate that this Alexstrasza statue costs $900? It will look amazing on the shelf alongside every other piece of Warcraft art.

Today marks the beginning of the second phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch, during which players will finally be able to craft a Dracthyr Evoker and put it to the test against new Primal Storm events in order to be ready for their trip to the Dragon Isles on November 28. Blizzard has been generating excitement with new cinematics, and the company is holding out hope that players would shell out $900 to purchase a piece of art that, despite its beauty, is absurdly pricey.

To be fair, the figure has been hand-painted, and it features an incredible level of detail. It appears to have been the subject of a significant amount of labor, and it is probably well worth shelling out a good deal of money to get it. On the other hand, it is not certain if fans will respond to this with love and affection or perceive it as a fast cash grab. This remains to be seen.

After the disappointing success of past expansions and the various scandals that surrounded them, Blizzard has been working very hard to win back the dedication of its players. The fact that this statue doesn’t appear to be made of cheap materials makes it an excellent object to sell, but it also implies that players are expected to make a financial investment in order to get it. Will there be any left over? Probably. Are there going to be outspoken fans who are outraged that it costs so much? Definitely.

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