The video game God of War: Ragnarok has a wide array of weapon attachments that may be used to augment the armory that Kratos already possesses.

These equip you with various perks and advantages in combat situations, allowing you to get an advantage over your opponents and come out on top. In addition, each of them contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the weaponry. In light of this, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 attachments available in God of War: Ragnarok.

Scarred by conflict, Sauroter

There is the Battle-Scarred Sauroter, which may be traded in for the incredible Draupnir Spear. Because of this connection, both your defense and your vitality will receive a significant increase, which will come in handy while fighting larger foes.

In addition, one of the primary benefits of the Battle-Scarred Sauroter is that it grants Kratos a Rage Burst anytime he uses his stun grip on an adversary. Because of this, his Rage meter will fill up much more quickly anytime he begins a grab designed to shock the target.

Assaulting Charge with the Sauroter

The next accessory for the Draupnir Spear is the Charging Assault Sauroter, which brings our total number of attachments to three. This attachment provides a large increase to both the defense and vitality of the character, as well as their general luck. As a consequence of this, this can be helpful in several contexts.

The Hoplite Lunge and Phalanx Breaker talents are more likely to stun due to the Fearless Sprinter perk that is automatically equipped with it. When you start a sprint attack, your foes have a greater probability of being stunned.

In addition, there is a possibility, albeit a less significant one, that it will also bestow upon you an Unstoppable Aura. If you are more interested in taking a more aggressive approach, this is a wonderful attachment for you to have.

Handles of the Cursed Empress

After overcoming one of The Hateful in Svartalfheim, you will be rewarded with the Cursed Empress Handles. It is reasonable to assume that this attachment is one of a kind due to its sinister appearance. This weapon attachment increases both the user’s overall strength and their chance of success.

Additionally, due to the Power of the Empress perk, there is a remote possibility that a Blades hit will also have its power and runic increased. During the battle, you can stack this a maximum of three times. This weapon attachment is especially helpful in the beginning stages of the game, however, it may be used at any time.

Harmony as a Handle for Healing

The Leviathan Axe may have an additional grip added to it called the Grip of Healing Harmony. Players that prefer to engage their opponents head-on will benefit greatly from equipping this weapon attachment. It provides a significant increase to both the overall strength and defense of the character.

Axe strikes also have a passive ability called Permafrost Lifesteal, which allows them to recover health anytime the Permafrost meter is at its maximum level. As so, you can hurt adversaries much more. On the other hand, the amount of damage that is dealt to you will also rise.

A Shadow of Unpredictable Power

Another attachment that may be added to the Draupnir Spear is the Hind of Volatile Might. As a result of using this attachment, both the defense and vitality are increased, and as a result, it is an excellent choice for a playstyle that emphasizes defense.

Because this spear possesses the Siphoned Strength perk, the Elemental Siphons that it contains will deal more damage to targets when used in melee combat. Even though the duration of the siphoned aspect is reduced, it is an excellent alternative for those that put more emphasis on defense.

Pommels of sleight-of-hand Deceit

If you want to take an offensive stance in any circumstance, the Pommels of Agile Deceit are a nasty attachment that you may equip for the famous Blades of Chaos. You can read more about them here. Because it provides a discernible increase in both strength and vitality, possessing it is considered to be a powerful attachment.

And if you choose the Blade Dancer perk, your Spinning Chaos and Evasive Embers talents will deal significantly more damage to foes and burn them for longer. Therefore, if you have a flair for the dramatic, this is an excellent tool for you to have in your arsenal.

Pommels of Brutal Might are Presented.

The Pommels of Brutal Might are an additional remarkable attachment that may be added to the Blades of Chaos. As may be inferred from their moniker, they are, in fact, cruel. This weapon attachment boosts the user’s strength and vitality, making it suited for use in combat against adversaries when they are nearby.

Additionally, it contains the seized strength attribute, which enables the user to get a gift of strength after successfully stunning an opponent.

Burning Pommels of Unified Effort

You can acquire the Pommels of Burning Unity for your Blades of Chaos by donating the Crystalline Shards to the Wishing Well in Vanaheim. These Pommels are more of a unique attachment for your Blades of Chaos. It gives a runic and overall strength boost that is easily noticeable.

This particular Blades of Chaos attachment is distinguished from the others in that it places a greater emphasis on ‘fire and burn’ than any others do. This is made abundantly clear by the Burning Immolation perk, which not only increases the amount of Immolation skill charge gained by striking an opponent who is already burning but also increases the amount of burn status that can be inflicted.

Knob of the Runic Hailstone

You can acquire another weapon attachment, the Runic Hailstone Knob, by tossing Crystalline Shards into the Vanaheim Wishing Well. On the other hand, this one is designed just for the Leviathan Axe.

Because it increases strength, runic, and luck, it is an excellent option for use in offensive situations. As a result of having the Prey Upon Frost perk, there is a chance, albeit a moderate one, that hitting a frosted foe will result in the acquisition of a blessing of runic.

Stonecutter’s Knob

After completing the main quest “The Reckoning,” players can receive the Stonecutter’s Knob perk. Because it provides a sizeable increase in both strength and defense, this weapon attachment is an excellent option for you if you’re going for a more balanced approach to combat.

A concussive wave is added to the conclusion of a light attack combo when this weapon is used, resulting from the Slicing Finish perk it possesses. This comes in handy in particular during the latter stages of the game and the epilogue.

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