Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you’re a serious player or just somebody who prefers old-school setups of present-day technological innovation, then you’re probably acquainted with mechanical keyboards. They’re highly popular in gaming because they’re often made with excellent quality components and can kind better and easier than the modern-day rubber dome keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards offer a real responsive reaction and although sometimes they can be quite noisy, they can be worth the additional precision and rate if you need it – which you probably do if you’re gaming often.

They can also be useful if you just do a lot of writing for university or your work.

No problem the reason is, if you want to be able to kind faster and perfectly, you’ll want the best mechanical keyboard. We also have another information devoted to gaming keyboards, such as both mechanical, membrane and hybrid gaming keyboards.

Best Mechanical Keyboards – Comparison Table

Take a look at a record of all the computer keyboard and several essential functions, before we get into some more details about mechanical keyboards and personal testimonials.

2 new from $29.99
Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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44 new from $89.99
1 used from $60.00
Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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11 new from $165.18
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Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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1 new from $29.99
Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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49 new from $79.99
2 used from $59.99
Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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33 new from $69.99
4 used from $62.57
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Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1
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Another element about mechanical keyboards is that they often last much much longer than your conventional keyboards as well. It also just has that traditional keyboard feel and reminds you of the computer keyboard during the day, or even if a typewriter if you can keep in mind long ago. Of course, there are a collection of various kinds of mechanical keyboards out there in different price levels.

We’ll consist of a computer keyboard that from all over the variety so you can choose what’s best for you based on your financial price range.

So what are you patiently waiting for? Most mechanical keyboards are actually fairly awesome and have awesome backlit choices.

Take a look at our list and find the best mechanical keyboard that suits you!

JAR-OWL J2– Flashy But Functional

The very first keyboard that we have up is from JAR-OWL boasting a fantastic silver style that we like. This keyboard functions 104 different important factors such as 19 non-conflict important factors so you can set this up to perform exactly how you need it to. These important factors are really resilient and each one can hold up against up to 60 thousand keystrokes – that’s a lot of gaming. This keyboard is, of course, backlit as well and while it looks a bit boring in the sunlight, it will really light up a space at evening.

This type of comes with the area but we think it’s value referring to with this keyboard that it’s a bit noisier than most, even for a mechanical keyboard. JAR-OWL also has a dirt protect which will help to improve the living of your keyboard by maintaining the dirt from getting into the pushing procedure. There’s also a wearable TPF rubberized pad to ensure that the keyboard doesn’t glide and also so that it won’t scratch your desk. This is a good keyboard overall and looks different than its opponents with its silver style.

And for under $50, it’s really unequaled the top quality at this cost. Even if you’ve never observed of JAR-OWL, we suggest offering them a taken.

LANGTU X1000 – Extremely Comfortable

Langtu has offered us a reasonable mechanical keyboard at another reasonable price that is made for gaming. While the most mechanical keyboard is better for gaming normally, this one has a couple of small features that give it that extra advantage. First of all, it has gaming quality circuits with 104 important factors and 25 that are anti-ghosting. That’s a bit higher than most on our list, providing you even more flexibility than with another keyboard. The important factors are also created to successfully decrease hand exhaustion and will feel more relaxed over quite a very long time.

The keycaps are also completely detachable and are actually easy to eliminate. This, of course, makes it that much easier to fresh or substitute the keycaps with something else if you want – or if they break, etc. It comes with a lot of FN strategies that permits you to gain access to a number of items without getting out of your game. Langtu also provides a one year guarantee so you don’t have much to be concerned about buying the X1000.

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard – Colorful Typing Experience

This is a cool-looking keyboard if you ask us. This is a 104 key anti-ghosting keyboard and provides a real mechanical keyboard experience. It provides a truly immersive, vibrant encounter whether you’re gaming or whether you’re just writing. Of course with a mechanical keyboard, that indicates personal changes which mean you’re getting precise and sensitive key instructions no problem situation you’re using this keyboard in. It comes with 10 predetermined LED lights, seven shades, and five personalized gaming lights. No problem you want – you can get it from this keyboard. There’s also flexible lighting and LED impact rate which you don’t always find in a keyboard so it’s awesome AUKEY contains it.

Worried about the quality of the laptop keyboard you’re purchasing and are also looking for a good assurance as well? You can believe in AUKEY on that front side. They actually will give you actual 24-month assurance cards so you know they support their item and that you can really believe in them. This is an excellent option for a mechanical keyboard at a bit of a high cost, but we think it values the little more.

Redragon K552 – Durable and Splash-Proof

Up next is another backlit mechanical keyboard that is extremely resilient and gives you all the advantages of the mechanical keyboard. This one is particularly resilient and is even splash-proof! Suppose. If you’re on the clumsier part, this will preserve you a lot of problems later on in the future. It functions 87 non-conflict important factors as well as 12 multi-media important factors. This is seriously developed like an aquarium and is truly over-engineered, in an excellent way of course which causes it to be extremely resilient and splash-proof. It is intended for durability and durability is what you will get with this Redragon K552.

You’re also able to modify the red backlight for lighting, respiration impact, or just transform it off absolutely if you’re trying to be hidden and not affect your roommate/lover/parents. Redragon is a well-known item when it comes to the computer keyboard and it’s difficult not to keep returning to them. They’re just known for offering high-quality mechanical items at an absolutely affordable cost and the Redragon K552 is certainly no different. If you’ve had a Redragon item before, then this is the same great quality that you’re used to. If you haven’t, we strongly suggest this and think it’ll be the ideal release.

Hcman Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard

Up next is another backlit technological keyboard that is incredibly long lasting and gives you all the huge benefits of technological pc keyboard. This one is particularly long-lasting and is even splash-proof! Assume. If you’re on the clumsier aspect, this will protect you a lot of issues later on in the upcoming. It truly does work 87 non-conflict key elements as well as 12 multi-media key elements. This is seriously designed like a fish tank and is truly over-engineered, in an outstanding way of course which causes it to be incredibly long lasting and splash-proof. It is designed for strength and strength is what you will get with this Redragon K552.

You’re also able to change the red backlight for illumination, breathing effect, or just convert it off definitely if you’re trying to be invisible and not affect your roommate/lover/parents. Redragon is a well-known product when it comes to pc keyboard and it’s challenging not to keep going back to them. They’re just known for providing high-quality technological products at a definitely cost-effective price and the Redragon K552 is certainly no different. If you’ve had a Redragon product before, then this is the same excellent high quality that you’re used to. If you haven’t, we highly recommend this and think it’ll be the perfect launch.

EagleTec KG010 – A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

We like the EagleTec KG010 for several different factors but the primary one being its flexibility. This keyboard is ideal for gaming as well as if you just have a lot of points to the kind or if you need a new keyboard for your workplace. Whatever the purpose, this keyboard can do the job. It has red LED flexible illumination and is just enough to create it exciting but isn’t anything that’s too insane or annoying. Also as our headline indicates, it’s much less noisy than most another mechanical keyboard. Observe we said in comparison to another mechanical keyboard – it still creates a unique disturbance but nearly as noisy as a lot of other ones in the industry.

This is a 104-key keyboard so it comes with a complete number keyboard. The important factors on the EagleTec KG010 are also splash-proof which we almost see as a requirement these times. It’s so found in a leak at least a little something on your keyboard these times so it’s beneficial when they can avoid at least a little bit of a “splash”. Of course, this also functions flexible back legs so you can get the most relaxed position for those lengthy gaming classes. EagleTec provides an outstanding keyboard at a similarly top quality cost. Try it out, you won’t be frustrated.

Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Classic Corsair Mechanical Keyboard

If you know anything about mechanical keyboard then you have most likely observed of Corsair. They are a reliable name when it comes to mechanical keyboard and while they are of course usually a bit costly than a lot of their opponents, you can usually have the distinction when you use it. This definitely provides you with activity playing quality circuits with 100% anti-ghosting be certain that is able to keep up with your action no issue how quick you go – all your important factors will always sign-up. Corsair also provides a breeze accessibility all your multi-media manages so you can effectively modify your quantity on the fly.

This was designed by experts in Malaysia boasting Cherry MX Red Key changes that will provide you with aggressive benefits. The red backlighting looks distinct in any space and allows your almost limitless illumination flexibility. It comes with six presets or you can art your own if you so wish. There’s also limitless programmability so you can reassign any key or set up the craziest of macros for greatest activity playing management. Expensive? Yes. Valued at money? Also yes. You won’t repent buying this Corsair mechanical keyboard.

EagleTec KG011 – Crystal Clear Backlighting

This style is much different than a lot of the other kinds we’ve seen on their record. Most clearly, the EagleTec KG011 comes with a white-colored and gold style in comparison to the all-black style that we’re used to seeing with a mechanical keyboard. And we have to confess – the intense red LED illumination to look fairly distinct against the white-colored keyboard. With the white-colored style, this is something that’s maybe suitable more for house offices. It might end up getting a little unclear if you’re eating/drinking around it at all times.

The KG011 provides responsive reaction, strength, and strength. There’s also a complete number keyboard and splash-proof keys! We are adoring the pattern of having a splash-proof computer keyboard. This is created to be able to hold up against the common fluid leak so don’t worry there. This keyboard can truly take a defeating and is one of our most favorite on the record. If you’re looking for a less severe style or just for something that will reduce a space then the EagleTec KG011 is your keyboard. It still functions as well as all the other mechanical keyboard but doesn’t have that large black/red illumination. Overall a great-looking keyboard that has even better.

Velocifire VM01 – Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard

This is an excellent gaming keyboard that is heavy-duty and sturdy. The important factors are impact-resistant but also light and portable while staying resilient. The important factors function a life expectancy of about 50 thousand functions. This isn’t actually the biggest on our record, but it’s fairly reasonable especially given the cost (under $50 at the time that this content was written). Velocifire also has produced a keyboard that is definitely on the less noisy end of the variety than a lot of another mechanical keyboard. This creates it ideal for workplace surroundings and truly can be used in offices without distressing your office space others who live nearby.

Another significant advantage of this keyboard? It simply the seamless comfort to kind on! It’s extremely relaxed and will decrease writing exhaustion if you invest a lot of time writing away on your keyboard – gaming or otherwise. VelociFire is definitely a lesser-known product in the field of the mechanical keyboard but if you aren’t marketed on the concept yet and are looking for a cost-effective way to have a look at what mechanical keyboard are all about, go with the Velocifire VM01.

Corsair Gaming K70 – Cherry Mechanical Keyboard

As we mentioned, Corsair is an industry leader when it comes to mechanical keyboards so it only makes sense that we include a couple of their keyboards on our list. Their K70 keyboard is definitely at the top of their line of keyboards both when it comes to quality and price. However, we strongly believe it’s worth every penny. This baby features an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame that provides superior durability that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. There’s also advanced lighting control and large font keycaps that provide dynamic, vibrant backlighting.

There’s also CUE support that enables advanced macro and lighting programming that will allow for virtually unlimited game customization. This keyboard also features a detachable soft-touch wrist rest for ultimate comfort while you’re using. If you have the money, this truly is one of the best keyboards that money can be. You will definitely have the competitive edge over anyone you game against and will have the power of Corsair behind you. This keyboard is definitely expensive but it is also definitely worth every single penny.

magicelec Mechanical Keyboard – Every Color of the Rainbow

Up next is a truly wonderful mechanical keyboard from magicelec. This mechanical keyboard truly can show every color of the spectrum. It comes with nine predetermined LED gaming lights but each and every row has seven different shade choices. You can also modify the illumination as well as the LED impact rate. This will offer a truly immersive gaming encounter no issue what predetermined you select and will help to keep you aware and targeted during those lengthy late-night gaming classes.

These important factors are also designed to hold up against up to 60 thousand clicks of the mouse – not too poor for a keyboard that will hit you up for right around $50, at plenty of time informed anyway. This keyboard isn’t too noisy or confusing and won’t affect others around you… too much anyway. All in all, this is just a really awesome looking keyboard. The illumination are much more personalized than a lot of the other illumination we’ve seen on the mechanical keyboard but you still get fairly reasonable efficiency out of it. This may be another less popular product in the mechanical keyboard globe but this keyboard still provides.

Redragon K552-N – Extremely Tough Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon graces our record of the best mechanical keyboard again with their K552-N. Now around we have a 100% conflict-free 87 key keyboard on our arms. It also functions 12 multi-media important factors and you got it right – a splash-proof design! What’s better than a keyboard that can avoid you dropping you consume on your keyboard? Basically nothing. This is something that could’ve stored a lot of individuals a lot of cash on several events. This keyboard is very over-engineered and can hold up against whatever defeating you put it through. Unintentionally reduce your activity and using your keyboard across space as a consequence of your out of control temper? Not to worry! Connect her returning in and you’ll be ready to go.

Is this the coolest keyboard on the market? Not actually. Is this a keyboard that can hold up against a bit of a defeating, is very responsive and reacts to every individual tap with unusual speed? Yes. This is an excellent mechanical keyboard and it can simply contend against any other mechanical keyboard in its cost variety. For the extra bucks, this one will be challenging to defeat.

HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard – Extremely Thin

If you’re looking for a smooth gaming encounter on a mechanical keyboard, then you should quit your search right now and purchase the HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard. This is ultra-thin, ultra-light, and extremely lightweight. This is less heavy and slimmer than any conventional keyboard out there on you need to. It functions an original ice red LED mild that we haven’t seen in many another mechanical keyboard, especially on this record. This is an 87-key keyboard that is very conflict-free so you don’t be concerned while you’re gaming. There are several backlight ways that you can choose from, as well.

This keyboard will definitely enhance your writing rate and make you more responsive with your gaming as well. The fact that they keyboard is extremely slim isn’t just a great style part, it makes it so your fingertips don’t have traveling as far thus improving your speed and rate. We like the appearance of this keyboard and we really like how it works. It is definitely on the more advanced of the price variety, especially in comparison to some others on this record, but for the style part alone – we think this keyboard is quickly really valued money.

Logitech G610 – Affordable Logitech Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech is definitely one of the most trusted brands when it comes to pc keyboard. They of course not only create mechanical pc keyboard but modern ones as well. In addition to pc keyboard, they create a variety of other computer-related components. Think mice, pc keyboard, components, and even monitors. They are no unfamiliar person to the pc components industry so when we found their mechanical keyboard, we had to look at it – and it does not dissatisfy.

This functions personalized illumination where you can actually customize individual key illumination lighting to simply keep a record of instructions, means, etc. in your preferred games. There’s also media manages that are very easily accessible on this mechanical keyboard. The important factors also use Cherry MX Mechanical key changes and you’ll be able to feel the difference. Logitech also functions their own gaming software so you can customize your F1-F12 important factors with macros for your preferred game. This is a slightly costly keyboard and will run you around $100 (at the time that we published this article). However, it’s also a much less noisy keyboard, provides completely personalized illumination, and provides one of the fastest reactions out of a lot of the mechanical pc keyboard on the industry. Like all the other pricey mechanical pc keyboard on our list, this one is definitely worth the money.

Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting – Best Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

A lot of people really ignore the energy of having a good ergonomic office keyboard. Having that assistance for your arms can really make the distinction between you being able to try out for three-time or six times. Pictek has a hand and hand relax that make it much more at ease to use for time on end. Of course, this keyboard allows you to media as many important factors as you need at the same time without any disturbance. It’s also water and dirt evidence. It actually contains five strain gaps so if anything goes wrong – this will dry up defending your keyboard from any serious harm.

This is a very durable keyboard as well and will last for as long as you need. It can hold up to 50 thousand keystrokes at 60 (+/- 15) grms of stress. It is also a breeze to kind unaware with nine different backlight results in six different shades. There are multi-media important factors that provide you with fast accessibility media, quantity, finance calculator, and key secure. This is the ideal mid-range gaming the keyboard. It’s not bottom-of-the-barrel inexpensive but it’s also not extremely costly either. It’s the ideal mix of top quality and value. Pictek has really satisfied us and we know you’ll be satisfied as well.

KrBn Mechanical Keyboard – Ergonomic Design With Phone Holder

If the last keyboard was the easiest mechanical keyboard you could buy then this one is its complete reverse. It truly has each and every gong and each and every whistle. First of all, it functions mechanical red changes that give you high-speed haptic reviews and a hardly sensible just click audio. This one is also comfort and ease developed with a hand and hand relax and revoked keycaps that allow you to type for a long time without any exhaustion. This KrBn keyboard also comes with a multi-color LED backlight with nine amazing backlight styles and eight activity illumination ways.

KrBn also contains a free keycap puller to help when you need to fresh up or substitute any of the important factors. And to help you just in a situation anything fails, they actually consist of three extra changes. If you’re looking for something a bit less noisy then this is definitely your device. This is almost quiet in evaluation to any other mechanical keyboard out there without limiting on the quality. There are also four strain gaps in this keyboard to help if you happen to ever leak anything on here.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth – Iconic Razer Design

Razer, like Corsair, is another well-known name when it comes to mechanical keyboard – especially mechanical gaming keyboard. Razer uses a lemon change developed for activity playing. It’s not known as ‘Ultimate Stealth’ for absolutely no purpose either. These important factors are almost quiet while still providing you that responsive reaction that you’ve come to know and really like in a mechanical keyboard. Seriously – this is one of the quietest if not the quietest mechanical keyboard we’ve come across (with the past KrBn arriving a good second). This was created for activity playing but can simply be used in offices or is great if you’re trying to act but also have a partner.

Razer also contains Razer Synapse which is their application that allows you to personalize important factors, set up information, make macros, modify lighting, and also keep monitor of your keyboard’s use. We really like this keyboard and it has definitely increased to the top of our record for the best mechanical keyboard. It will quickly provide you with aggressive benefits over the other players while activity playing or if you’re just a serious typist, it will considerably improve your WPM. Either way – the Razer BlackWidow Greatest Turn invisible definitely surpassed our objectives.

Corsair Vengeance K65 – Extremely Compact

A lot of periods mechanical keyboard, especially those set up for gaming, are not very lightweight or portable at all. They believe that you’ll be gaming in one position permanently or that you have unlimited pc area. This isn’t always, or even usually the situation. If you have restricted pc area or often carry your own keyboard to gaming activities then you’re going to want something a bit more lightweight. Cue the lighting for the Corsair Revenge K65. This incredibly lightweight keyboard functions red mechanical changes and applied gunmetal anodized metal for a professional-grade look and the strength you need for both moving and extended time of gaming.

As you should be expecting from Corsair, the Revenge K65 functions complete key matrix anti-ghosting so you don’t have to be cautious at all during gameplay. A very important factor to keep in mind is that it is a bit noisier than some other mechanical keyboard but that type of comes with the area when you’re looking for a good mechanical keyboard. Although this isn’t always the situation and if you’re looking for something quiet, have a look at the last two opinions. Since this is a Corsair, its cost tag is definitely a bit greater but since it is a Corsair, that high cost is value every individual cent.

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition – Ultimate Longevity

Razer really gives Corsair a run for their cash and based on what your actual needs are, they might even be a better all-around keyboard for you. This one functions Razer natural changes with responsive push and a sensible just click for a structured and effective game enjoying the encounter. And when we say, ‘ultimate longevity’, we really mean it. The Razer BlackWidow X Competition Version is made to last up to 80 thousand keystrokes. That’s right, you study that properly – 80 thousand keystrokes. That’s 60% more than the market regular of 50 thousand keystrokes. This might price a bit more than the common keyboard, but that’s because it’ll last much much more than your regular keyboard.

Each key’s backlight is independently automated eventually providing you 16.8 thousand shade choices. Of course, you’ll have Razer Synapse which is where all the development miracle happens for each of the important factors enabling you to provide yourself the aggressive benefits no problem or where you’re enjoying. During the time we released this post, this keyboard will run you somewhere around $100, but we strongly believe it’s of great benefit.

Azio Mk Retro – Amazing Design

Okay if we had to select the best mechanical keyboard off of style alone, then we would have to select the Azio Mk Vintage without a doubt. It functions firefox coated whole body and keycaps and is similar to a proper typewriter. It comes in a whole lot of different shades, although we’re for each other with the piano-black top dish. This clearly isn’t the best keyboard for gaming but it still provides all the same advantages of a mechanical keyboard. If you’re composing the next best novel or are just a devoted typist, then this is definitely the laptop keyboard for you.

The Azio Mk Vintage ensures the journey range between each key is just what exactly it should be for maximum rate. We also are for each other with the circular keycaps and they actually experience excellent on your convenience when you’re composing. This is a bit costly but if you’re looking for something fashionable, then this is the ideal keyboard for you. It’s not enhanced for a crazy rate like a lot of the more innovative mechanical gaming keyboard, but it will definitely enhance your regular composting rate while including to the visual of any workplace or table.

Logitech G710+ – Super Quiet Keys

A mechanical keyboard is known for being extremely noisy so we’ve actually been a bit amazed at all the really silent computer keyboard out there. Most are officially suitable for gaming but any of the less noisy mechanical computer keyboards is also completely suitable for the workplace if you need to do a lot of writing. This Logitech mechanical keyboard, however, has a lot of functions particular to gaming. For example, there are six automated G-Keys that you can put up to three macros per key on for a maximum of 18 exclusive functions.

These important factors are seriously whisper-quiet and have dampening jewelry beneath each key. There are four different stages of flexible illumination you can have the backlight as well. Each key is created to face 50 thousand keystrokes which as we’ve described, is about regular for a mechanical computer keyboard. There’s also a detachable hand and hand relax so you’ll be relaxed for the time, if not times of gaming. You’ll seriously really like the Logitech mechanical keyboard so why not provide the G710+ a go?

Best Mechanical Keyboards – Buyer’s Guide

The mechanical keyboard definitely seems more overwhelming than they actually are. If you really think about it, this is the very first style of the keyboard! Back in the day mechanical pc keyboard just used to be known as ‘keyboards’, so they really are not that complex. However, there is still a pair of products that you should be on the search for.

Anti-Ghosting Keys

This is the key purpose why use mechanical pc keyboard – so they don’t affect each other and so that your pc will identify every key that you media even if your media several ones at the same time. This is otherwise known as anti-ghosting. If you’re gaming, you may only need a few to be anti-ghosting but if you’re using it mainly for writing, you might want all of them to be.


The regular lifestyle expectancy for important factors on a mechanical keyboard is about 50 thousand keystrokes, however, with more costly designs this can get up to 80 thousand keystrokes. So it’s really up to you whether or not you want to invest nowadays cash in advance side and get a long lifestyle, or go for less costly but might have to exchange it earlier.


Mechanical computer keyboard are infamously noisy, however, they do make quite a few these days that are almost quiet. If you’re gaming alone and don’t really thoughts the disturbance, then no biggy. But if you’re going to be using this in offices or around a lot of other individuals, consider looking out for one that’s a bit less noisy.

As with any most suitable items record, there can only be one champion. We’ve seen a lot of excellent mechanical keyboard. Some ideal for gaming, some excellent for writing, and some that are an excellent multiple of both. Of course, which mechanical keyboard you buy is going to entirely rely on what you need it for but there is definitely one that separated itself as an excellent stability between all possible planets.

The best mechanical keyboard 2019 has to go to the Razer BlackWidow Greatest Turn invisible. We like it for a few different factors. First, it’s the best stability between a gaming keyboard but is still efficient for daily use. There are definitely enough gaming functions to fulfill even the more serious of players but it’s also silent! This is important if you’re going to be using a mechanical keyboard around other humans.

The Razer BlackWidow Greatest Turn invisible is the ideal flexible keyboard and is an ideal stability for everybody. Thanks to and hopefully this assisted you to select the best mechanical keyboard! Satisfied typing!

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