Best Gaming Mouse 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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The gaming mouse is an innovation to the world of computer gaming. Rather than be burdened with a regular computer mouse which has only two buttons, a gaming mouse brings more to the table.

For any gamer, selecting the mouse that meets your expectations can be a daunting task. So, how do you zero in on the perfect mouse? Sit back. It is what this article is for. We have compiled the top ten best gaming mouse 2019 plus buyer guide for your convenience.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2019

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Best Gaming Mouse 2019 - Buyer's Guide 1
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Best Gaming Mouse 2019 - Buyer's Guide 1
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Best Gaming Mouse 2019 - Buyer's Guide 1
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Best Gaming Mouse 2019 - Buyer's Guide 1
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Gaming mice are always being innovated with new or enhanced features. Manufacturers are doing their best to make them more convenient. Gaming mouse allows gamers to become more precise, utilize more buttons, and become more dominating in the world of online gaming.

Manufacturers of gaming mice make use of optical technology for tracking the mouse’s movement on any surface. A gaming mouse comes with the ability to track dots per inch (DPI). A mouse that can track 2000 DPI has a smoother tracking than one with 800.

Mice for gamers have features which enable them to take the workload from the keyboard onto the mouse. They have functions set to a variety of actions in any game.

1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Favored by e-sports athletes all over the world, the Razer DeathAdder has made a name for itself as the best mouse for gaming. Its ergonomic design, fast, responsive rate, and solid build quality make it a top contender.

This mouse is well designed to fit well your palms. Its ergonomic build gives you a comfortable experience as you’re gaming. You can also use this feature during the fiercest of battles.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma has a 10,000 dpi optical sensor with a capability of mouse movement reaching 200 inches each second with acceleration reaching 50g.

Regardless of whether you are playing at low or blazing speeds, this gaming mouse responds well to onscreen movements with high precision and accuracy. You get to as well enjoy its organic fluidity a preserve of an optical sensor.

This top mouse for gaming has a sensor with the capability of tracking Z-axis to a minimum of 1mm on almost all kinds of surfaces. This gaming mouse will work well for low-sense gamers who prefer to set tracking on lifting their mouse.

It comes with 16.8 million Chroma lighting with color options you can customize. This mouse has options like pastel pink, electric blue, or the signature Razer green. You have an opportunity to illuminate the mouse’s scroll wheel including the brand’s logo to your preference.

2. AsusROG Spatha

ROG Spatha has fast wireless connectivity to allow high volume throughput for data with latency at a low level ensuring tracking of all movements precisely. When its battery gets finished, you can go ahead to use as it charges. All minus any loss in your performance and responsiveness.

Light this gaming mouse up with a 3-Zone lighting plus a broad range of effects including static, battery, breathing, color cycling or trigger. They are assigned to particular profiles on the mouse’s inbuilt memory.

When combined with its easy-swap design for the socket, this gaming mouse provides choices for future upgrading plus extending its lifespan.

This mouse for gaming comes with 12 programmable buttons with Alps switches of high-quality. It offers innate commands and control. This mouse is designed to give feedback with tactile precision and responses thanks to its ergonomics in design.

If you’re a pro gamer, this gaming mouse aims to withstand extended gaming periods. The Spatha is made to perform better and is durable. It stands ready to take you into battle.

3. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

When playing, lag time determines whether you will win or lose. Many gaming enthusiasts rely on G900 Chaos for all their gaming needs.

Trusted by gaming professionals the world over, G900 Spectrum gives you responsiveness which is ultra-quick and free from lag. It comes in wireless or wired versions. It features Logitech G’s PMW3366 sensor which comes with spectacular clock setting technology.

This gaming mouse interprets each hand movement onto your screen giving you excellent tracking with great accuracy plus consistency in speed responsiveness.

You are free from the worries of delays or slow signals. With ultra-quick one millisecond report rate wired or wireless, you get incredible responsiveness in a lightweight body weighing 107g. It is a great feature during competitive twitch target gaming.

G900 outlasts any regular wireless mouse for gamers. With its Logitech G’s top notch Clock-Tuning Technology which is battery-saving. A lone charge is enough to last you through a whole weekend gaming.

It has alerts when the battery is low plus seamless switching on the wired style end. You won’t have to worry that you might lose power as you are gaming.

You can achieve maximum accuracy as you are tracking from a high grade PMW3366 optical sensor. Gaming professionals and enthusiasts vouch for this as one of the best mice for gaming sensor on the market.

With zero smoothing or filtering on the whole 200 to12,000 DPI range to give you consistent target accuracy with speed responsiveness.

This top gaming mouse comes with buttons which you can customize with their physical layout. It is because it comes with an ambidextrous design which is lightweight.

Therefore, this gaming mouse creates an ideal fit and has a good feel for both lefthanded and righthanded people. It can also fit well all grip styles.

Make use of its Logitech software for gaming to set all its 11 buttons using game macros. It is also possible with media controls and DPI shifting.

4. Steel Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

The Rival 700 features gaming’s first wholly customizable OLED display. It has tactile alerts you can customize with physical components you can swap. All in all, it makes this gaming mouse one of the most powerful in the world. It gives gamers real-time information and notifications while they play.

No two alerts are the same, so you can decide which in-game events automatically triggers a tactile signal. With that, gamers have complete control over how each one feels.

Effortlessly switch between various sensitivities for different weapon or games. With the OLED display, change profiles, sensitivity, and key binds all directly the Rival 700. You won’t have to worry about installing software.

It comes equipped two cables which you can swap, and gamers can pick the cable length they prefer for their gaming. You can swap the top cover and make a choice between different materials and designs.

As you wait to respawn in the middle of doing rounds, this gaming mouse has in-game stats at your fingertips.  You can stay updated on the in-game stats such as weapon accuracy and headshot percentage.

5. Logitech G 502 Proteus Spectrum

G502 features Logitech’s advanced optical sensor which gives maximum accuracy in tracking. Customize its RGB light or sync it with the rest of Logitech devices. You can as well set up personalized profiles for your games.

You can make modifications on the sensitivity from 200 to as high as 12,000 DPI. You can then place five 3.6g weights to give it an ideal feel and balance. Regardless of your gaming style, it’s a breeze to tweak the Proteus Spectrum to match your expectations.

Adjustable weight and balancing allow you to make personal tweaks to make a difference. You can match to your favorite style including the environment.

You can make adjustments of up to 16.8 million colors plus the brightness. Make your mouse come to life just by breathing its lighting patterns or setting your light to go to sleep when not using your system.

Get maximum accuracy when tracking from its PMW3366 optical sensor which is very sensitive. The exclusive Logitech-G sensor helps to cut down on the acceleration of this gaming mouse. It also contributes to enhancing reliability during targeting.

You can sync its colors plus lighting patterns to match other Logitech gaming products. Fine-tune its sensor to correspond to the surface to give maximum speed plus lower lift-off. You can also set the buttons using custom macros. Also, manage light, DPI sensitivity, and switch profiles.

The 11 buttons which are customizable on the G502 can match all your favorite games. You can make adjustments with hyper-fast scrolls to modify your speed. This gaming mouse also comes with DPI modes you can switch on the fly.

It helps you to select from its five settings and to change DPI from 200 up to 12,000.

6. Corsair M65

This gaming mouse comes with a 12, 000 DPI sensor to provide precise tracking of pixels including exceptional support for surface calibration. It’s made with an aluminum frame of aircraft-grade to give it little weight. It concurrently makes this gaming mouse extremely durable.

Use its advanced system for weight tuning when setting the center of balance matching your preferred play style.

You can also make use of the CUE to enjoy advanced button setting, macro setting, with three-zone backlight personalization.

It has Gaming compliant PMW3360 sensor to offer you superior better when using any surface. Its unibody frame made of aluminum gives you a body which is lightweight. This gaming mouse also provides better durability with the maximum distribution of mass.

Its adjustable tuning zones which are three in total allow customizing the weight on this gaming mouse to fit into your style of gaming. The mouse has low-friction points of contact ensuring such a great feel. It also comes with swift movements which are precise and require minimal effort.

7. Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR

The Scimitar RGB mouse for gaming brings a revolution during gameplay with 12 mechanical side buttons, a Key Slider control system, and pro-proven 12,000 for its optical sensor. It’s purposely designed to offer MMO and MOBA gamers the best experience.

Its Key Slider control system gives unmatched customization. The 8mm pivotal slide movement with secure lock lets each button be readily available.

The 12 mechanical buttons on the side have a comparable benefit. They are made according to professional player specifications to give ultra-consistent tactile feedback with precise actuating.

You can harness the power of its professionally-proven 12,000 DPI of the high-performance optical sensor to give gamers the most pixel-precise experience. Its CUE can be tuned to give an excellent control during intense gaming.

This gaming mouse provides bright multicolor scheme backlighting which you can customize to immerse you in the game. It will also provide nearly unlimited adjustable lighting. All of its four zones can get configured independently.

You can take the full force of this gaming mouse into any battle. Do not just set your mouse, set it with a custom countdown MMO timer including double macros, DPI matrices, RGB lighting, and much more.

The Scimitar RGB is designed to fit in your palm to give the best comfort, regardless of your grip style or hand size.

8. Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA

With multitudes of enthusiastic games popularizing MOBAs as a dominant game on the electronic sports scene, you need to have a mouse which gives you free accessibility to spells and skills with incredible responsiveness.

It comes with MOBA profiles pre-configured to give you maximum efficiency during gaming. This mouse comes complete with a 16,000 DPI 5G sensor. The Razer V2 is every MOBA gamer’s essential companion for those who need to possess the ultimate gaming advantage.

Made specifically for MOBA game enthusiasts, the Razer V2 has a seven mechanical button thumbwheel. These are laid out in such a way where you never have to misclick.

The thumbwheel design positions the buttons at a proper place from your thumb. These are programmable to give you quick accessibility to multitudes of instructions.

At the center of the thumb wheel lies a thumb grip made of rubberized, to provide a better grip on your mouse. It’s essential to achieve quick twitch movements required during playing MOBA.

Extensive testing revealed that moving command settings to the mouse from the keyboard enhances gaming efficiency a lot. It’s why the V2 has a broad range of pre-configured profiles you can downloadable optimized for MOBA games.

If you need swifter accessibility to skills or you need utilization of additional command features. You only have to activate the profile you prefer through Razer Synapse. Get ready for faster execution than before.

9. Corsair Gaming Sabre

Lightweight weighing only 100g, the Sabre RGB gaming mouse provides natural comfort with fluid reach. It’s balanced consistency inaccurate tracking with a 1,000 Hz refreshing rate. This mouse has eight buttons which you can configurable, with super-responsiveness on the switches.

It comes along with four zones of 16.8M color scheme backlighting which gives it a beautiful look personalized to match your style. Utilize the CorsairUtility Engine (CUE) software to determine your hue and the level of brightness for distinct zones.

Fly your colors with a unique scheme of four or utilize CUE to program automated color cycling according to your selection of palettes and speed.

This gaming mouse has high accuracy which enables smart tracking to make every click count. You’ll be able to know from a glance when ready to strafe.

It’s also possible when doing damage at a long-range. You can also build a personalized DPI palette for color indication.

With its advanced ergonomics to support your whole hand comfortably, you can easily wield this gaming mouse in various grips. It adapts well in your grip to offer the versatility you require when competing in a variety of game like FPS, RTS or MOBA.

The eight buttons which are programmable are easily personalized to fine-tune gaming. If you like gaming at low DPIs plus making use of a big mouse pad, you’ll react quickly. You’ll have limited fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

10. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Designed to give you comfort with durability, Daedalus Apex gaming mouse is tested to ensure it stands up to longer gaming sessions.

G303 Daedalus Apex Gaming Mouse is for high-performance gamers. It comes with a better optical sensor useful when tracking maximum accuracy.

Its RGB lighting is personalized to match your style. Daedalus Apex’s design gives comfort during long-term gaming. The left and right mouse buttons are tested for 20 million clicks, equalling top gamers practicing 10 hours every day for two years.

You can modify its DPI mode on the fly with a maximum of five settings from 200 to 12,000. At the forefront of this gamer’s mouse is its optical sensor, the PMW3366.

Built with Delta Zero technology, it delivers higher tracking at the same time minimizing speed-related accuracy variants. It allows quick responses including enhancement in targeting consistency.

For maximum responsiveness, the PMW3366 sensor comes with zero filtering across the entire DPI range, even at high sensitivity.

The sensor can be tuned, not just LED intensity and optimizing sensor parameters. It can now match the properties of your mouse surface to give you optimum high-speed performance plus lower lift-off distance.

Logitech considered customer feedback to build this mighty gaming mouse which meets the performance needs of enthusiast gamers.

Buying Guide to Best Gaming Mouse

How to choose the right gaming mouse?

A mouse is an essential input device used to interact with a computer game. So, a gaming mouse refers to a piece of hardware which enables the computer to transmit your control instructions as you are gaming.

A mouse is responsible for controlling the motions of the mouse pointer on the screen of equipment. However, it works in a different way as you’re playing. It’s quite similar since you’re able to communicate with the video game through sending instructions to proceed with your game.

How does a gaming mouse differ from a regular mouse?

To perform better as you’re gaming, you must be with appropriate gaming hardware with a technological advantage compared to the conventional mouse used with conventional computers.

Some of the most crucial features of any gaming mouse is the laser technology, keys you can customize, weight control, ergonomic build for easy hold plus LED lights which you can modify.

Many gaming gear manufacturers make different kinds of gaming mice with the most popular brands including the Razer, Logitech, and Asus among others

Selecting a gaming mouse which will work for you?

When you go to buy a mouse for gaming, it’s good to confirm some specific features and technology in its hardware qualifying it to be gaming grade. These are some questions you have to ask yourself:

Does it come with a high precision laser sensor dpi rate?

A gaming mouse is useful when managing movement on the computer screen as you’re gaming. The change in motion is measured in ‘dots per inch’  (DPI) number. It directly relates to the accuracy when gaming.

A high number of DPI means the mouse has more precision, on the other hand, one with lower dpi is an indication of poor control during your game. A regular mouse comes with 4-5 times less DPI in comparison to a gaming mouse. This one comes with about 4000 DPI or more.

Is it ergonomically designed?

A perfect mouse design which gives a better grip in your palms or fingers. It eliminates chances of your fingers slipping when making mouse clicks. Therefore, a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design is a better choice.

Is the mouse adjustable in weight?

Ability to modify the weight of your mouse makes it easy to make modifications in the mouse motion as you’re gaming. So you can gain accuracy by changing the weight of your mouse.

Are its keys programmable?

This feature is a preserve of gaming mouse. The macro keys can be programmed and directly interact with your game. It performs particular functions as your gaming, such as a programmable key to display a map or change the camera angle.

Does it come with hyper-responsive keys?

Any gaming grade mouse has a cord for more rapid communication of instructions to the computer. So the mouse buttons should have a minimal response time and ability to operate at hyper speeds.

Can you customizable its LED lights?

Gaming mice come with LED lights which you can personalize to match your desired color. Modern gaming mouse comes with up to date hardware with multiple color settings for LED lights.

Five tips for buying a gaming mouse

When purchasing a new gaming mouse, there are lots of things to consider. Some of these things are very obvious, but others are those which most people will not probably think about. Here’re the most important things to consider before buying a new gaming mouse.

If you think I am going to talk about comfort, you are wrong. All mice for gaming are made ergonomically comfortable.

When you’re buying a high-end mouse from a reputable gaming manufacturer, you can expect that it’s tested extensively. You will, of course, prefer a particular mouse brand.

Nature of DPI or CPI

Most gaming mouse manufacturers prefer to use the term DPI, but Steelseries use CPI.It’s for technical reasons, and Steelseries also has a reason for rebelling.

The most important factor is that these figures measurement the accuracy of the mouse, and how fast it goes. If you prefer a very sensitive mouse, you need one with high DPI.

When looking for a very accurate mouse, you have to go for one whose DPI is high too. Modern gaming mice come with as high as 5700 for the best, and 1800 for the least accurate sensors.


Some people like a heavy mouse, others prefer a light one, and some will easily adjust to any mouse regardless of its weight.

If you are someone who wants a giant mouse, you may want to look for one with a weight cartridge included. These allow you to make the mouse hefty or relatively light depending on your preference.

Mouse grip

Everyone holds their mouse a little bit differently. While there’re many terms used in the gaming industry to describe how someone holds their mouse, there are only two things that matter concerning the comfort of the gaming mouse. These the claw or palm grip.

Some people prefer to put their entire hand on the back of the mouse. Some find a smaller mouse to be aggravating. Others like to move the mouse around with just the fingertips. Usually, your wrist rests on a support, and with smaller movements.

You can check out some reviews on gaming mice, and they’re good, it will be easier for you to understand whether that particular mouse is held with fingertips or your entire hand.

Anything which goes beyond these factors is a matter of personal preference and gaming style. Even though these are important, they do not have a significant impact on how much you like the mouse.


Traditionally, gamers did not like buying mice that were wireless. The batteries ran out so fast, and they had a problem of interference and a lag in their response time. However, modern gaming mice have fixed this problem with new technology that allows them to last longer, avoid interference, and work with less delay.

New gaming mice can function in either wired or wireless modes. It keeps the battery in charge as you are playing.

These gaming mice cost a lot more, have a very slight delay but give better flexibility. Most gaming enthusiasts pick the hybrid mouse.


There are some gaming mice with additional features which make them ideal for certain uses. For example, the Razer Naga which is made specifically for MMO gamers.

It comes with a lot of buttons on the side that you can map to different functions within games. There are other mice, which allow you to record macros and save them right on the mouse along with your personalized settings.

There is no “best gaming mouse” out there for every use and purpose. However, there are some with better quality than others. The Razer Naga, for example, is far superior to the higher-cost Steels.

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