The Best Dinkum Mods, Along with Instructions on How to Install Them

Dinkum is an example of the type of sandbox game that gives players a true opportunity to express their creative side. Having said that, the game is lacking a few features, which leads one to wonder why the makers chose not to include them in the first place.

However, thanks to the expanding modding community, there are methods to fill in the gaps and add some useful features that will make your play-through a lot simpler in terms of employing your imagination. These additions will make the game more enjoyable overall. This article will walk you through the process of installing the top five most useful Dinkum modifications and will cover how to do so.

How Do I Install Mods To Dinkum?

Installing the BepinEx 6 on your personal computer should come first before you proceed with installing any mods. You just need to input that name into the search bar of your chosen search engine. After you have successfully downloaded and installed it, you will need to get all of the files associated with that download and then move them to the Dinkum folder on your computer.

After you have successfully moved over all of the necessary directories, an option labeled “plugins” will become visible to you. You will want to place all of the modifications that you have downloaded into this folder so that they may be properly attached to the game.

Following the installation of the mod platform into the appropriate folder, the next step will need you to navigate to the Nexus Mods website using your preferred internet search engine. You may search for any of the modifications that are mentioned below on this page, and then you can add them to the Dinkum plugin folder on your computer.

Value Tooltip

Earning dinks is only one of the many things you can look forward to doing while you’re in Dinkum. Because you need a significant number of them to complete everything, wouldn’t it be great if there was a mod that let you organize and handle them in a more streamlined fashion? That is exactly what the Value Tooltip hopes to accomplish for its user base of gamers.

If you have this modification loaded, all you have to do is move your cursor over any item, and the display will immediately inform you how many dinks are required to purchase that item. The fact that this mod may also be used with stacked objects makes it an exceptionally useful addition.

Auto Pickup

The process of picking up stuff in this game might be aggravating for some unknown reason. You will be able to play this game more quickly and with fewer concerns, if you are spared the requirement of clicking each time you come across an item that you would like to get. The Auto Pickup mod is really much easier to use than it seems.

Simply walking over an item will cause it to be added to your inventory without you having to do anything else. You don’t even have to think about it. This mod is useful since it gives you the opportunity to get stuff that you might not have even noticed while you were playing.

NPC Map Markers

The non-playable characters (NPCs) aren’t overly hard to track down, but if you can make it such that they’re simpler to approach, your entire journey will be less stressful to navigate. Because these characters are always on the move throughout the day, it’s easy to lose track of where they are at any given moment. This problem is intended to be fixed by the NPC Map Markers patch, which will add markers to your map.

This is especially advantageous for players whose islands are more spread out and who have more terrain to cover because of this feature. You won’t have any problem locating non-playable characters because their locations will all be marked on your map.

Craft From Storage

The majority of the time, in order to make something in the game, you will need to investigate precisely what kinds of components are necessary. In addition to this, you will have to go through the tiresome process of removing each item from your inventory one at a time and bringing it to the table where you do your crafting.

It is simply one of those irritating things, and one of the decisions that the developer made that made players question why they took it that way. In any case, the Craft From Storage mod offers a solution to this problem. The last thing left for you to do is to walk inside your house and go to the crafting table inside. You will be able to bypass all of the beginning procedures thanks to this table, which will list everything that you can make together with the necessary components.

Museum Tooltip

When it comes to fishing or catching bugs in the game, this add-on comes in helpful. When you right-click a creature in your inventory, the Museum Tooltip will let you know whether or not you have contributed that particular creature to the museum.

To view information about each animal, similar to the Value Tooltip, you only need to move your mouse over the image of the animal, and it will appear on the screen. You can look through your encyclopedia to obtain this information, but doing so could be a time-consuming process, particularly if you have a significant amount of material stored there.

Because all of this information is presented to you in a concise manner, it is easily one of the most useful modifications available in the game.

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