Best Builds for Kai Omega Strikers

Kai, along with Julliette and Dubu, will be one of the first playable characters made accessible to you in Omega Strikers. He is one of the numerous characters who may be controlled by the player. But which Training ought you give Kai in order to maximize his potential? Now, in order to provide an answer to that question and others like it, as well as to assist you in climbing the ranks as one of the game’s most versatile players, we will discuss the optimal builds for Kai in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: The Best Kai Frowad Build

Kai is a character that possesses the ability to perform skills at both near and mid-range ranges. If you intend to utilize him as a forward, you should make advantage of Rapid Fire to reduce the amount of time it takes for your attacks to cool down and Crossover to receive a virtually permanent increase in the pace at which you travel.

For the third available slot, we suggest equipping Missile Propulsion because of the improvement it provides to both range and damage. The use of Built Differently or Tempo Swing is another excellent option, as the former will enhance the size and strength of your projectiles, and the latter will improve the overall effectiveness of all of your special abilities while also providing you with some periodic healing.

As a quick review, the following are the top Training for forwarding Kai:

  • Combining Rapid Fire with Crossover and Missile Propulsion while Swinging the Tempo

How to Construct Kai as a Keeper | The Strongest Possible Build for Kai in Goal

We suggest that you make use of Rapid Fire, Crossover, and Cast to Last since Kai’s strong mobility is his greatest strength as a Goalie, and because of this, Rapid Fire is one of Kai’s abilities. As you may have guessed, the primary focus of this build will be on boosting Kai’s movement speed.

This will enable him to maintain his mobility on the goalline while also providing him with the ability (if you choose Missile Propulsion) to hit targets and reflect shots from a distance more frequently.

To summarise, the following are Goalie Kai’s recommended Training:

  • Missile propulsion is achieved by combining Rapid Fire with Crossover and Cast to Last.
  • At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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