Best Builds for Juliette Omega Strikers

Juliette will be the first playable character you encounter when you start a new game of Omega Strikers and onto the field for the first time. Did you know that she is also regarded as one of the team’s most talented forwards? Now, in order for you to make the most of Juliette’s abilities in Omega Strikers and bring forth her full potential, here are the greatest builds for her!

Omega Strikers: The Best Juliette Foward Build

Because of her uncomplicated set and the fact that her primary, secondary, and special abilities can deal a significant amount of damage in close quarters, Juliette has the potential to be regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the game. This is due to the fact that we have already mentioned that this is the case.

Having said that, we strongly suggest that you equip her with Unstoppable whenever you play her at the forward position, due to the mobility improvement it provides. After that, I’ll switch to Perfect Form because its cooldown is reduced. We recommend using either Stinger, which has a debuff that reduces damage over time, or Extra Special, which reduces the cooldown of special abilities. Both of these abilities may be equipped in the third slot.

If you want to put all of your attention on power and general survival, a build that emphasizes Perfect Form, Well Fed, and Tempo Swing might be a pretty good option for you to consider.

To summarise, the following are the most beneficial Training for forwarding Juliette:

  • Unstoppable plus Perfect Form plus Extra Special or Stinger equals Stinger (Overall performance).
  • Perfect Form + Well Fed + Tempo Swing (Damage focused / Ideal for individuals who plan on focusing on eliminating opponents) Perfect Form + Well Fed + Tempo Swing (Damage focused)

How to Play Juliette as a Goalie | The Strongest Possible Build for Juliette as a Goalie

When utilizing Juliette in the Goalie role, even if it is not suggested, it is very necessary that you make use of Training that concentrates on enhancing her mobility and general utility. Having said that, we strongly suggest that you make advantage of the Crossover, Unstoppable, and Extra Special strategies.

Remember, now that you know how to construct Juliette, you should also check out the best builds for Kai and Estelle, who are two of the game’s greatest forwards who specialize in projectiles.

Because Juliette is not really cut out for the role of a goaltender, we strongly suggest that you look into how to construct Asher, who is currently the best option available in that role inside the game.

At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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