Best Builds for Asher Omega Strikers

Players of Omega Strikers have the chance to choose from a diverse cast of characters, each of which is capable of excelling in a number of different places inside the arena. Having said that, Asher is one of the players who may be called one of the finest because of her ability to perform as both a goalie and a forward. This talent allows her to play both roles well.

However, how do you construct Asher? Now, in order to provide an answer to that question and more like it, here are the optimal builds for both Forward and Goalie Asher in Omega Strikers.

The Omega Strikers are the ideal composition for the Forward Asher.

Because Asher’s greatest advantages as a forward lie in the capability of her set to work extremely well in sequence and in her capacity to literally push opponents into their own goal by using her Special, “Pathsplitter,” we suggest that you make use of both Creator of Large Things and Unstoppable. This is because Asher’s set has the ability to work extremely well in sequence and because Asher has the capacity to literally push opponents into their own goal by using her Special.

The two pieces of training are our primary choices since the first one will boost the magnitude and damage of your Special attack (after successfully landing a hit), while the second one will increase your mobility by a significant amount.

The usage of either Perfect Form or Creator of Durable Things in the last available position is going to be our primary recommendation. Your ability’s cooldown duration (CD) will reduce as you rack up more hits thanks to Perfect Form. On the other side, acquiring the Creator of Durable Things perk will make it such that your inventions may remain active for a significantly longer period of time.

To review, the following are the most beneficial drills for forwarding Asher:

  • The One Who Creates Things That Are Huge, Unstoppable, And Have Perfect Form Also Creates Things That Are Durable

How to Construct Asher as a Goalie | The Best Construct for Asher as a Goalie

Asher is widely regarded as one of the most capable goalies in Omega Strikers due to the fact that her equipment provides the opportunity to not only defend effectively but also drive opponents further away. Having said that, the primary focus of this build will be on enhancing her Special ability while also providing you with a respectable degree of mobility.

Built Differently, which expands the area of impact, and Unstoppable, which grants mobility, are the two abilities that we advise using in this context. It’s also possible to achieve excellent results by substituting Creator of Large Things for Built Differently.

Extra Special is going to be our primary choice for the third available slot because it reduces the cooldown of her special ability by 15 percent. If you value mobility more than the ability to reduce cooldowns, you may find that using Crossover is more effective for you.

To review, these are some of the finest drills that Goalie Asher can do:

Constructed Distinctively, Creator of Huge Things, Unstoppable, Extra Special, and Crossover
At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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