Do you find yourself missing Battlefield 1942 despite including the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042? Do you wish a remastering or remake in the present day will be done on it? In that case, how about we look at an example of what it may look like?

A user named TheBause on Reddit successfully hacked the RTX Remix from Portal RTX into Battlefield 1942, producing some fascinating outcomes. The initial attempt by the user brought about significant lighting enhancements due to the ray-traced renderer; nevertheless, it also brought about the typical problem of highly reflecting materials.

However, a user named Happysufigeee, who also uses Reddit, advised changing the roughness bias from its default value to a number between 0.6 and 0.9. This straightforward adjustment largely resolved the problem.

Because NVIDIA has not yet officially released RTX Remix, as we mentioned in our previous posts, modders have resorted to simply dropping the relevant Portal RTX files into the binaries folders of their favorite PC classic games, such as Battlefield 1942. RTX Remix is expected to be released later this year.

However, this does come with some obvious restrictions, such as the inability to employ the AI textures remastering tool that NVIDIA promised when they initially revealed RTX Remix.

Through the use of AI Super Resolution, the resolution of the extracted textures may be increased by up to 4 times, transforming lower-quality 1080p surfaces into higher-quality 4K images. And AI Physically Based Materials will analyze the game’s surroundings to provide PBR attributes to any assets that have been extracted.

The GeForce business had indicated that a beta version of RTX Remix would be released before the end of the year, but there has been no official statement yet, even though 2022 is swiftly coming to a close. However, NVIDIA may be ready to announce at CES, which will take place in a few weeks.

One thing is sure: the modding world is teeming with excitement and eagerness. You may get an intriguing and in-depth perspective on RTX Remix from an experienced modder by reading our interview with Skyblivion’s primary developer Rebelzize, which can be found here.

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