Oh, Overwatch 2. Your launch has been met with significant queue issues, game disconnections, and even reports from some players of skins being acquired at random for the simple act of typing in the chat box. The buffet of launch troubles is becoming even more delicious as a result of another strange glitch that is preventing gamers from using certain heroes.

No one is going to pretend that the launch of Overwatch 2 has been anything other than a complete and utter failure; it has been like something out of a Looney Tunes spectacular, with one broken door leading to another broken door.

Now, gamers from all across the world are complaining that a significant number of heroes are practically unplayable. It’s possible that you’ll discover Cassidy to be locked when you go to choose him as your damage-dealing support character. And the ash. And D.Va.

There has not been an incidence of new heroes being inadvertently made unavailable to gamers, either. During the time that we were affected by this problem, classic characters like Symmetra, Cassidy, and Bastion were unable to be selected for use in a match. In point of fact, more than half of the heroes couldn’t get in. Yikes.

On Reddit, users are reporting this problem in large numbers, which is causing the New posts page to get overwhelmed. This problem, on the other hand, appears to be rather widespread, in contrast to another bug that was more uncommon and caused users to inadvertently buy skins by typing in the conversation.

(We had no trouble producing identical results.) We don’t have a lot of information to go on when trying to figure out why this bug is occurring, so all we can really do in this circumstance is shrug.

It is hoped that this problem will be fixed during the maintenance that will take place on Friday at 7 PM Pacific Time.

Since there is still a mound of problems that Blizzard will have to tackle during this maintenance, unlocking heroes should undoubtedly be at the top of Blizzard’s priorities; but, the lines and connection difficulties will hopefully be handled during this maintenance as well.

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