In God of War Ragnarok, as you make your journey through the nine realms, you will come across a variety of foes along the road that will put your combat abilities to the test. These foes will include both bosses and standard adversaries.

One of the most challenging obstacles is the Berserker gravestones, who are warriors that rise from the grave to face Kratos and lead to a showdown with their master. In order to find them, you are going to have to find all of the gravestones first. In God of War Ragnarok, the following is all the information you need to know about the locations of all of the Berserker gravestones.

Where in God of War Ragnarok can all of the Berserker gravestones be found?

After locating the Inert Hilt of Skofnung, King Hrolf Kraki, in Midgard during The Word of Fate mission, in which Kratos and Freya attempt to discover the Norns, you will have the opportunity to engage in combat with the Berserkers. This will be the case once you have completed the quest.

The creepy gravestones that can be found around the game will be accessible, but we recommend taking on these challenges only after you have amassed a sufficient supply of items and have advanced to a higher level of gear. There are nine gravestones that need to be located before the tenth and final one may be unlocked.

All Berserker gravestones are places in Svartalfheim.

Svartalfheim is home to three different gravestones with the names of Berserkers. The first of them will show up on Alberich Island, and you will have to do battle with Beigadr the Feared there.

The second tombstone for Berserkers will be located farther south, next to Durlin’s office, in a location that is generally seen as belonging to the Nidavellir region. You will face up against Hardrefill the Callous when you get there.

The last Berserker gravestone is going to be a challenging obstacle for you to overcome. It is located near Jarnsmida Pitmines if you are looking for it. You won’t be facing just one boss, but two: Starolfr the Troublemaker and Bodvar the Fierce will be your opponents.

All of the gravestone places for Berserkers in Alfheim

In Alfheim, there are two gravestones that belong to Berserkers. The first one will show up on the side of The Barrens that faces east. You will face more than one foe, similar to the last tombstone in Svartalfheim, but this time there will be three of them: Svipdagr the Cold, the Sisters of Illska, and Svipdagr the Cold. The fact that the Sisters all have the same health makes things a little bit simpler.

The Forbidden Sands are going to be the location of the second Berserker tombstone in Alfheim. You’ll have to do battle with Hjalti the Stolid to get there, which can be found in the southern part of the map.

All of the gravestones belonging to Berserkers that can be found in Vanaheim

After that, we will travel to Vanaheim, where you will face off against two Berserker gravestones. On the western bank of the River Delta, near Pilgrim’s Landing, you will be able to get your hands on the very first one. In that location, you will engage in combat with Hvitserkr the Brave.

The next one is going to take place at The Sinkholes, which is a part of The Crater. You will be able to access this region if you have completed the main storyline and rescued Freyr from the Asgardian captors. The Sinkholes will become available to you when you have finished both the Scent of Survival quest and the Return of the River in The Jungle quest. You will be able to engage in combat with Haklangr the Bearded there.

All of the gravestones for Berserkers that may be found in Midgard

In Midgard, there will be one Berserker gravestone for you to fight against throughout your adventure there. The next step requires you to go to the Lake of Nine and explore the northern part of the region. You will find Fraekni, the Zealous, waiting for you there.

All of the tombstone sites for Berserkers in Niflheim.

At this point, you will have to make your way to Niflheim. You will face up against Skjothendi the Unerring if you choose to investigate the Berserker tombstone, which can be found farther down the trail.

Location of the last tombstone for the Berserker

The last Berserker tombstone will appear when you have vanquished all of the others in the series. You will need to go back to the location where you first discovered the sword hilt and replace it in the tombstone where it was first found in. Doing so will bring forth King Hrolf, the last of the enemies you will have to vanquish.

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