At CES 2023, both Alienware and Dell presented their next-generation laptop lines, each of which features a variety of central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) choices sourced from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

Alienware and Dell have just shown their 2023 laptop portfolios, which are fully loaded and include the most recent CPUs and GPUs.

The Alienware m18 and m16, the Alienware x16 and x14, and the Dell G16 and G15 are the six new gaming laptops announced today by Alienware and Dell, respectively, in a press release. And these aren’t just minor revisions either; the new lineup has improved form factors and materials, best-in-class performance advancements, design and comfort refinements, and a redesigned Alienware Command Center.

Alienware and Dell continue to differentiate themselves from the competition by introducing significant, high-impact innovations tailored to gamers’ ever-evolving requirements. This is happening even though what constitutes the most dominant gaming experience is in constant flux. Look no further than our daring new fleet of high-performance laptops if you value independence without making concessions the most in your gaming experience, regardless of whether you play games professionally or just for fun.

Gamers are excited about new Alienware laptops because of their superior power, performance, and design.

In 2019, we decided to differentiate Alienware’s brand identity from the industry by taking a complete makeover of our product line. During that period, the landscape was overrun with machinery in red and black. At that point, we decided to set a new route for Alienware and phase out the unique space-age character of our Epic design language. This was also when we retired the Alienware name.

The adventure started with our design team searching through many works of science fiction artwork and mythology rendered in various artistic forms (comic books, games, illustrations, and film). The objective was to visualize what the famous AW design might look like in 2030. Because of this, we arrived at our current design framework, which we call Legend.

Legend 3 is now undergoing its third stage of evolutionary development and makes its premiere on all four of Alienware’s brand-new laptops today. The most recent machines are designed with an intuitive approach that strongly emphasizes form, function, and quality. These machines bring forward design aspects emphasizing interaction and convenience while enabling higher-performing technology.

The 15- and 17-inch screen sizes have always been the primary focus of our Alienware range of gaming laptops. All of that is about to change today, as we are releasing models with screens of 16 inches and 18 inches in addition to our 14-inch model, which was released a year ago (CES 2022).

This fundamental change was brought about by the advancements brought about by our Alienware Cryo-tech cooling technology, which enables us to accept these giant screens without significantly altering the footprint of any device.

We have enabled the following features throughout the whole new Alienware laptop range to help guarantee that your gaming and entertainment experiences are comfortable, expressive, and enjoyable:

  • Taller 16:10 displays usher in more screen real estate for a greater field of view.
  • Dolby Atmos for immersive, spatial sound and Dolby Vision for stunning visuals, so you feel
    closer to your favourite entertainment.
  • All panels feature ComfortView Plus, our hardware-based technology that reduces blue light emissions without impacting performance or picture quality.
  • Higher-resolution FHD webcam to improve the quality of video interactions.
  • The new bottom foot design allows airflow through the underbelly and into the heart of the chassis to aid overall system performance.
  • Element 31 thermal interface material is now placed on both the CPU and the GPU to help optimize heat dissipation.

The m18 is Alienware’s brand-new 18-inch performance behemoth, and it’s being introduced here today.

The Alienware M Series was developed specifically for gamers that place a premium on performance. These all-new powerhouses from Alienware, the m18 and the m16, are up to the task of meeting that challenge.

The m18 is the most powerful laptop offered by Alienware, providing unparalleled performance levels and extensive personalization options.

Choices that cover the whole spectrum of newly developed CPU and GPU technologies. This includes CPUs as high as the 13th generation Intel Core i9-13980HX, the entire stack of next-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop GPUs, and next-generation AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics for mobile devices. This performance is made possible by a collection of significant breakthroughs in Alienware Cryo-tech.

The following is a list of the most significant thermal enhancements that have been made to the new Alienware m18:

  • Element 31 thermal interface material is now used on both the CPU and the GPU.
  • The vapour chamber now covers the GPU and CPU, helping to increase thermal capacity by 35%
  • Seven heat pipes (up from four on m17) to move thermal energy into expanded copper fins, which equates to a >114% surface area increase
  • Quad fans with ultra-thin fan blades increase airflow by 25%

These considerable increases to platform thermal capacity (around 35 percent when operating in Full Speed mode) and cooling pave the path for higher-performance CPUs and GPUs, allowing us to increase the overall system power to 250 watts.

Impressively, the m18 keeps the same peak thickness (Z-height) as the m17, but it provides gaming enthusiasts with 14% more room on-screen. This provides enough space for a full-sized keyboard and number pad with optional CHERRY MX mechanical keys, dual user-replaceable DDR5 SO-DIMM slots and unprecedented storage capacity… now up to 9TB of total storage!

Displays featuring 165Hz QHD or 480Hz FHD resolution, equipped with Dynamic Display Switching technology and supporting both G-SYNC and FreeSync are available. All of them are strengthened by structural modifications on the inside and the outside, which allow for a more robust and solid chassis, satisfying the rigorous build quality requirements that Alienware consumers expect.

The M16 offers many of the same technologies, ergonomics, aesthetic attributes, and sensory benefits as the M18, making it an attractive option for gamers who want a powerhouse that is just a little bit more compact.

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