Alienware has announced that it will be expanding the capabilities of its Aurora R15 pre-built gaming PCs to include CPU options from AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel 13th Generation 65W.

Options for AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel 13th Generation 65W Processors Are Now Available for the Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming PC.

In addition, the cooling system of the Aurora R15 Gaming PC will be upgraded with additional features, including improved chassis airflow and liquid cooling. The designs will initially be outfitted with a graphics card of up to an RTX 4090, but in the not-too-distant future, they will be upgraded to include further RTX 40 and even AMD Radeon RX 7000 possibilities. In addition, Alienware informed us that they will be bringing 65W Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs to the Aurora family of products in the coming months.

According to a press release, Alienware Aurora is excited to support AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series of Processors. The Aurora R15, Alienware’s flagship product, was introduced a few months ago, and it has a design with expressive curves and a distinctive, sculpted appearance that conceals strong performance.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs and Intel 13th Gen 65W Desktop processors are now available as upgrade options for the most recent version of the Aurora, which was previously only available with 13th Gen Intel Core K-Series processors. In the latter part of this Winter, we will also introduce graphics solutions based on the AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series.

The intentional craftsmanship from the inside out reveals a tidy and well-organized interior through side doors that are see-through and include as many as eight AlienFX lighting zones that shine pleasantly over the solid internal components.

The head-turning Aurora R15 was specially created to appear incredibly magnificent from every angle. It comes in two colours that are already fan favourites: Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon. Both of these colorways are available. This exquisitely designed rig was given an honourable mention for the CES 2023 Innovation Awards. It comes equipped with performance-driven architectural modifications that handle the most recent generation of graphics and CPU technology.

The chassis of the R15 generation of Aurora desktops has been re-engineered to improve ventilation, cooling, and performance. It is designed to handle higher-powered gaming components to provide the best possible experience for desktop gamers.

Pricing & Availability

  • 1/5/23: Starting at $1,599 (US) or $2,199, the Alienware Aurora R15 with AMD Ryzen 7000 Processors is now available (CA)
  • 1/5/23: Starting at $1,599 (US) or $2,199, the Alienware Aurora R15 is equipped with Intel 13th Generation Processors (CA)
  • Later this Winter, Alienware will begin producing the Aurora R15 with AMD Radeon 7000 Graphics.
  • Available. The price will be disclosed closer to making the product available.

Specification Sheet

Alienware adds AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel 13th Gen 65W to Aurora R15.

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