After installing the Windows 11 2022 Update, GeForce GPUs Slowing Down

After installing the Windows 11 2022 Update (also known as Windows 11 22H2) that Microsoft made available to the general public earlier this week, some users of Nvidia’s GeForce graphics cards are reporting serious performance difficulties with their graphics cards.

Even on powerful computers with up-to-date hardware, users who are impacted by this issue have observed slowdowns, stuttering, and variable framerates. This issue has been reported by Bleeping Computer.

According to Nvidia, the issue is brought on by certain newly added graphics debugging options in Windows that have been enabled inadvertently.

The business has officially recognized the problem and has launched a new beta version of the GeForce Experience software suite, which it claims should rectify the sluggish performance.

This suggests that the issue is with the additional software provided by Nvidia rather than the GeForce drivers themselves; if you had loaded the drivers without also installing the GeForce Experience program, it is possible that you would not have noticed the delay in the first place.

Because of issues such as these, Microsoft releases major upgrades to Windows in stages, starting with a limited number of computers and gradually expanding to more and more users. This was a valuable lesson for the firm to learn early on in the Windows-as-a-service era, as issues such as broken programs, lost data, and non-functional webcams surfaced during the early stages of the public distribution process for important feature upgrades.

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