According to leaks, Sony's PS5 exclusive will be coming to PC with support for both DLSS and FSR.

Sony has started releasing their PlayStation exclusive games on PC, with Spider-Man: Remastered being the most recent title to do so. However, information obtained through leaks suggests that another PlayStation exclusive will also be released on PC.

Returnal, a first-person shooter horror game that was previously only available for the PlayStation 5, is coming to PC with several features that are exclusive to that platform. It has been discovered that Returnal will be available for the personal computer with support for both the NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR upscaling technologies. These features were most recently featured in the remastered version of Spider-Man on PC.

We now know that the PC version of Returnal will support NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, both of which are labeled aspatial upscale in the picture of the setting that was released. This information was gleaned from an image that showcased the graphics settings of the PC version of the game. Take a look at the picture below here:

According to leaks Sonys PS5 exclusive will be coming to PC with support for both DLSS and FSR

Return is a video game that was produced by Housemarque and was made available in 2021 for the PlayStation 5 console. Despite this, there has been no official word on when this PC port will be made available as of yet. However, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the next unique game that will be coming to the PC, and it will be released in the autumn.

Regarding the Going Back

Video game studio Housemarque is responsible for the creation of the third-person shooter roguelike game Returnal, while Sony Interactive Entertainment is the game’s publisher. On April 30th, 2021, it was made available for the PlayStation 5 platform.

The protagonist of the game is an astronaut by the name of Selene Vassos. She is visiting the planet Atropos in quest of a signal known only as “White Shadow,” but instead, she finds herself caught in a never-ending time loop.

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