Abilities, Team Compositions, Strategies, and More Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide

In Overwatch 2, using D.Va as a Tank Hero is a really enjoyable and simple experience. Even while she may be rather simple to use, this does not imply that mastering her ideal team compositions and techniques can help you take D.Va’s potential to new heights. Your Overwatch 2 D.Va hero walkthrough can be found here.

D.Va Abilities in Overwatch 2

D.Va possesses a wide variety of skills. Even while you will spend most of your time playing as D.Va in her mech form, there will be instances when D.Va, or “baby D.Va” as she is referred to by the community, will appear. Fusion Cannons are permanently attached to Mech D.Va, therefore she never has to reload them.

In addition, the mech D.Va is equipped with a Defense Matrix that deflects incoming projectiles and Micro Missiles that fire a salvo of miniature rockets in the direction that the user is facing. In addition, she is equipped with Boosters that enable her to rapidly go to any location for a period of three seconds.

Abilities Team Compositions Strategies and More Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide 1

Self Destruct is D.Va’s ultimate ability, and when she uses it, her mech is launched into the air and detonated, along with any foes in the vicinity that can see the mech as it goes off. The infant version of D.Va materializes after the mech has been destroyed.

She has the ability to blast bullets at her foes with her Light Gun, which allows her to recharge much more quickly. When her mech ultimate has been fully restored, she will be able to use Call Mech to transform back into Mech D.Va form.

Overwatch’s D.Va and the Strongest Compositions for Her Teams

Sombra, Cassidy, and Junkrat are the three Heroes who work best in tandem with D.Va. D.Va is a Tank that can take a lot of damage before going down, but if you are able to chain together your ultimate abilities, it will be very easy to clear the playing field.

Every one of the Heroes described above has a catastrophic ultimate ability that, in effect, wipes out all of the other players in the surrounding region. D.Va’s Self Destruct, when used in conjunction with an ultimate from Sombra, Cassidy, or Junkrat, has the potential to wipe out an entire team if the timing is just right.

Ana is the ideal Support Hero to use in conjunction with D.Va. Ana is able to heal D.Va while she is at a distance, she can heal D.Va by throwing her Biotic Grenade at her, and she can utilize her ultimate ability, Nano Boost, to help D.Va strike harder and absorb less damage.

D.Va Strategies in Overwatch 2

The most effective strategy for playing D.Va is to position yourself in the front line, just like any other tank hero. The manner in which you make use of her Boosters is when things start to get interesting. D.Va’s Boosters, Fusion Cannons, and Micro Missiles are capable of putting an end to any Hero in a hurry if an individual enemy player is isolated from the rest of the team, such as when Mei utilizes an Ice Wall to separate one enemy player from the rest of the team.

Boosters are another option for optimizing the effectiveness of the self-destruct function. When the entirety of the opposing squad is gathered in one location, use your Boosters and make a beeline for the skies.

When you are already in the air, pressing the Self Destruct button will cause your D.Va mech to continue climbing and then explode on the other team like a bomb. If you pull this off correctly, the opposing side won’t be able to anticipate your final move.

This concludes the comprehensive guide to playing D.Va in Overwatch 2, so thank you for reading! You may find other Hero instructions on the Overwatch 2 website that you can access here. In order to assist you in achieving victory in Overwatch 2, we provide all of that and much more.

Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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