The previous year, Intel said that it intended to raise the pricing of its central processing units (CPUs), including the 12th Generation Alder Lake CPUs. The decision was scheduled to take effect in the fourth quarter of 2022; nevertheless, it appears that the price increase has finally come, even though it is already the beginning of 2023.

Intel will begin 2023 by increasing the prices of its 12th generation Alder Lake central processing units by up to ten percent, and the company’s 13th generation chips will also increase in price.

The price increase can already be displayed on the Intel Ark website, where the bulk of 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs has been impacted. Even though the price hikes make the 12th Gen Alder Lake lineup significantly more expensive than the 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup, which offers better performance, more cores/threads, and cache, this is still a relatively small increase in comparison to the “Up To 20%” price hike that Intel has planned out for other PC components. This makes it somewhat more difficult to digest that Intel has planned out these price hikes.

I’d say the other thing is we’ve got a good set of products coming out over the course of the second half of the year. And I think we’re kind of operating with the wind at our sails in terms of product offerings in all of our businesses. And then third, we are increasing pricing, and pricing generally takes effect in the fourth quarter. We’ve done a fair amount of time.

We also will see more pricing improvement in CCG than DCAI. They’re both — we’re adjusting pricing, but the pricing is more significant in CCG. And so that also gives CCG a lift in the later part of the year.

David Zinsner — Chief Financial Officer at Intel

According to the price information provided on the Intel Ark website, the Intel Core i9-13900K has been subjected to the most significant price rise, amounting to +$59 in United States currency. This is still within the range of a 10% price increase, but owing to the already high price associated with this chip, it has the most significant price increase.

The same is true for all of the chips from the 12th generation of Alder Lake, but it is important to note that this price rise would not be limited to only the scraps from the 12th generation; instead, we will soon see them on the lineup of chips from the 13th generation of Raptor Lake.

Updated Costs for Intel’s 12th Generation Products (Q1 2023)

Core i9-12900K$589 US$648 US+$5910.0%
Core i9-12900KF$564 US$620 US+$569.93%
Core i9-12900$489 US$538 US+$4910.0%
Core i9-12900F$464 US$510 US+$469.91%
Core i7-12700K$409 US$450 US+$4110.0%
Core i7-12700KF$384 US$422 US+$389.90%
Core i7-12700$339 US$373 US+$3410.0%
Core i7-12700F$314 US$345 US+$319.87%
Core i5-12600K$289 US$318 US+$2910.0%
Core i5-12600KF$264 US$290 US+$269.85%
Core i5-12600$223 US$245 US+$229.87%
Core i5-12500$202 US$222 US+$209.90%
Core i5-12400$192 US$211 US+$199.90%
Core i5-12400F$167 US$184 US+$1710.1%
Core i3-12300$143 US$157 US+$149.79%
Core i3-12100$122 US$134 US+$129.84%
Core i3-12100F$97 US$107 US+$1010.3%

The Intel Core i9-12900K can still be purchased for $409–$407 in the United States at places like Amazon, and major retailers have not yet altered their prices. There is a good chance that this is because of the older prices and stock levels at which these items were acquired; nevertheless, as soon as the fresh stock arrives, we will observe price modifications.

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